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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 5/??

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: dialogue
: [translator's notes]


13. Science

Araragi: It's most unfair when people say things like "if you're good at Maths then
you should be good at Science too; those who say they're not are just being lazy."

Hachikuji: I completely agree. It's impossible for someone like you to be good at
Science. Even absurdity has its limits! It's enough of a miracle that you're good at Maths. Even if there are reasons, asking for anything more is just selfish. Impudence has limits too!

Araragi: I'm happy that you're getting your heckles up for me, but Hachikuji,
unfortunately, you're actually insulting me too.

Hachikuji: Araragi-san, you don't think of Science as anything other than a bunch
of girls' names, right?

Araragi: That's a wild delusion.

Hachikuji: Physics, Chemistry and Biology are all girls' names.

Araragi: Or a disease.


14. P.E.

Araragi: I'm sorry...it might be wrong to ask about this...but I'd like to ask you a little

Hanekawa: Sure, what is it?

Araragi: What exactly does "creative dance" involve?

Hanekawa: .............

Araragi: Ah, no comments...?

Hanekawa: Well, there's not much to say about it, but frankly speaking, it's like we
could even be told to make do with bloomers for our P.E. uniform for it.
[Think of the stuff that Kanbaru was wearing when in episode 9 when Araragi had a conversation with her on that very topic. edit: Geh, sorry, think about what Nadeko was wearing when she had to show Araragi and Kanbaru what was wrong with her body.]

Araragi: That bad, huh?

Hanekawa: It can only give rise to trauma. ...but come to think of it, on top of
making girls wear bloomers, creative dance used to be compulsory too.

Araragi: That would be traumatic.


15. Health Education

Kanbaru: If we're talking about Health Ed., then it has to be me! Good Afternoon. I
am Kanbaru Suruga.

Araragi: So it's you after all.

Kanbaru: The word "Health Education" is already akin to H.

Araragi: You have a strange illness, huh?

Kanbaru: Here are the three words that I think fit H best. Third. Puberty. Second.
Growth period. First. The rebellious age.

Araragi: Talk about Health Ed.!!

[edit (2010-09-30): I think I finally found out where this particular thought process came from...]


16. Music

Hanekawa: Even if we talk about music, the arts classes at our school are generally
rather weak.

Araragi: True, we're not really equipped* for it, are we? We don't even have a
music room.
[*lit: 積極的, which means "positive/agressive", but that just sounds weird in this context]

Hanekawa: We do have one, nominally. It's just that it's not soundproofed.

Araragi: That kind of thing is nothing if it's supposed to be a music room. It's just a
big room.

Hanekawa: Well, about the pianica though.

Araragi: What about it?

Hanekawa: It's an elementary school instrument but, in terms of music, don't you
think the pianica's a perfect instrument? We can say it's quite complete. But since it's used in the early years of elementary school music classes, it's curiously labelled a beginner's instrument. Unfortunate, don't you think?
Araragi: Ah, you have a point. Same with the recorder and so on. Even though
something that can be played even by children should really be held in high esteem instead...

Hanekawa: How about we hold a pianica recital with everyone next time?

Araragi: ...or not. It might be odd to say something like this immediately after
agreeing with you, but it strangely seems like a plan that will end up corrupting it (i.e. the pianica), so let's not go there.


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