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Learning Russian through anime...

...or not. After all, it was just two proverbs which I haven't even tried to figure out how to say.

The little exchange between Izaya and Simon that took place in Russian is something that I didn't think too deeply about until after I saw an English translation, which I thought it a bit too direct. Looking at the Japanese sub:
We get something like:
"You can't hide a drill in a bag."
"Don't talk about ropes in the home of a hanged person."

Japanese bloggers have also been talking about these two little proverbs, which are apparently "Шила в мешке не утаишь" and "В доме повешенного не говорят о веревке", and they really seem to imply more than the translations let on.

The most common clarification for the first is that a drill will poke through the bag, perhaps destroying it. Assuming that they're talking about Celty's head, then the implication is that the head will reveal itself no matter where it is kept.

However, Izaya's reply is somewhat more confusing. As this blogger notes, it seems to encompass the idea that you "shouldn't rub salt into someone's wound." Yup, go figure...


ちなみに、"Шила в мешке не утаишь"「錐は袋に隠せないぞ」という諺の意味は日本の「嚢中の錐」のと似ていると思わない?「嚢」は袋のことで、キリはキリなのでその袋を突き刺します。そして、「嚢中の錐」には昔話みたいな由来があるらしい。「賢人というものは普段は目立たないものでも、いざというときにはその能力を出すものである」という意味で、デュラララ!!との関係は私にはよくわからない!
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