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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 6/??

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: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

17. Japanese Calligraphy

Araragi: Kanbaru, you're left-handed, right? So how do you cope with your left hand
bandaged up like that?

Kanbaru: As you can guess, I write with my right.

Araragi: You can do that?

Kanbaru: Not at all. I can't write anything that doesn't look like an earthworm's trail.

Araragi: Ah, you must find that problematic.

Kanbaru: However, I've always had just a scrawl anyway, so it's not really a

Araragi: Oh I see. Speaking of which, Hanekawa's handwriting is really neat!

Kanbaru: About her, did you know? Whether she writes with her right or left hand,
her handwriting is exactly the same.

Araragi: That's certainly an amazing skill, but why in the world does she do that?

Kanbaru: If your right hand's tired from studying, just take it in your left? She's done
that from young, so now she's able to write with either hand without any noticeable change.

Araragi: If you're tired from studying, just rest!


18. Art

Senjougahara: I'm actually pretty good at drawing.

Araragi: I wasn't asking. Huh? You can actually draw?

Senjougahara: Yes. I've stopped since the costs were piling up, but I drew a lot
during Junior High. I even drew Kanbaru.

Araragi: Ah, Kanbaru playing basketball at her peak?

Senjougahara: If I said it was an art, would you understand?

Araragi: You meant a nude painting after all?!

Senjougahara: I was the artist, Kanbaru was the model. That's the Valhalla Combi.

Araragi: I don't like that combination.

Senjougahara: I was lying, you know.


19. Home Economics

Kanbaru: Araragi-senpai, about Senjougahara-senpai's cooking ability...

Araragi: Well, it's not like she's terrible at it or anything. But her cooking has a really
unique taste. Can't be helped, really, they say that taste is a product of the environment you grow up in.

Kanbaru: That's true, home-cooking is said to have various flavours depending on
the person.

Araragi: In that case, then you have a weight of expectation on your shoulders.
Your grandmother's homecooking is absolutely fantastic. Frankly, I'd even want to get married!

Kanbaru: To me?!

Araragi: To your grandmother.

Kanbaru: Araragi-sempai, would you mind not including my grandmother within
your area of operation?*

Araragi: Not my area of operation - she's in my strikezone!*

Kanbaru: You're like a seme!**

[*They're using sporting terms here, but "area of defense" would sound really weird in this context. Thankfully, "strikezone" works in quite a few contexts...]
[**If you don't know what this is, "attacker" is all you have to understand...]

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