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: dialogue
: [translator's notes]


20. Teachers

Araragi: Most of the teachers at our school are past students, aren't they?

Senjougahara: So it seems.

Araragi: It seems like something of a tradition. So, even amongst the current
students, there will be a few who'll take up the teacher's pointer at Naoetsu High in the future. Having someone like Hanekawa as a homeroom teacher would be fantastic!

Senjougahara: But that girl is already known as the "shadow homeroom teacher"
right now, non?

Araragi: Nope. Just the other day, she was called the "day homeroom teacher."

Senjougahara: The "day homeroom teacher"...doesn't that imply "homeroom
teacher" anyway?


21. Commuting to school

Araragi: I commute by bike, but Kanbaru, you go on foot, right? Or rather, you run
to school. Does that double as training?

Kanbaru: Well, somewhat. But there is another reason. I can't ride a bike.

Araragi: For real?!

Kanbaru: I mean, for people who've never ridden one, it's just about impossible to
ride one.

Araragi: Huh?!

Kanbaru: Balancing your whole body weight on those two thin tires lined up one
behind the other, and turning your feet in circles...it's far too scary!

Araragi: If you put it that way then it does sound difficult...

Kanbaru: I want training wheels if I'm to ride one.

Araragi: That'll be a picture of immorality.

[The way Araragi's mind runs....if Kanbaru is "kinky", I don't know what this guy is...]


22. Club activites

Araragi: Come to think of it, except for Kanbaru, all of us are in the "go-home" club,
right? Even Sengoku seems to be in it. Ah, but Gahara-san, you were in the track team during Junior High, right?

Senjougahara: That's right. You know quite a lot, huh? What are you, my fan?

Araragi: I'm not going to agree with that answer.

Senjougahara: Or perhaps, a stalker? That's creepy, so could you stay away from

Araragi: I'm your classmate, you know!

Senjougahara: Oh, really? Didn't know that.

Araragi: That's going to far in terms of not being my fan, don't you think...!

Senjougahara: The track team, huh? If I remember, my speciality was short
distance running. But that wasn't what I really wanted to do.

Araragi: Huh? Then what did you really want to do?

Senjougahara: Javelin.

Araragi: Yikes!


23. After school

Araragi: Though I studying like after school right now, when I look back at second
year and before, I really don't remember what I did after school. What in the world did I do with all that time? Karen-chan, Tsukihi-chan, what did I do after school around this time last year?

Karen: After school, you always enjoyed yourself bullying me.

Tsukihi: Yup, you also bullied me.

Karen: Actually, the ones who benefitted most from your new study habits are the
two of us.

Araragi: No way, really? Then you two should be more thankful to me, shouldn't

Karen, Tsukihi: You should be apologising to us!
[lit: You aren't showing any signs of remorse.]

24. Casual Dress

Araragi: I want to see Hanekawa in her normal clothes.

Hachikuji: Even if you tell me...

Araragi: I can't tell anyone but you! She's always in school uniform, so much that
now I'd rather see her in casual dress than naked.

Hachikuji: Before you say that, please do something about your own terrible sense
of dress.

Araragi: Terrible?! My dress sense?

Hachikuji: Hanekawa-san may very well have a terrible dress sense. If people don't
have at least one bad point, then they don't have any cute, charming points.

Araragi: A badly-dressed Hanekawa...I'd love to see that!

Hachikuji: Your love for Hanekawa-san knows no boudaries, does it?


25. Friends

Hachikuji: Araragi-san, I've heard that you happen to have a personal opinion
about the notion of friends?

Araragi: Stop. You shouldn't bring up my impetous youth.

Hachikuji: Don't say that! Pray tell! Announce it proudly! I'd love to hear it. What's
this wise saying you're referring to? What is this conviction, that one that's the reason for you not making any friends?

Araragi: I...don't need friends. Making friends means that my strength as a human*
will decrease.

Hachikuji: AHAHAHAHAAA!!

Araragi: You're laughing too much!

Hachikuji: My sides are painful! You're painful** too!

Araragi: This isn't the place for your smart mouth!

[I think this is the most difficult story to understand, at least for me, not only for the honourific language that Hachikuji uses, but also because 「人間強度*」 has like...no sensible translation!]

[** "painful" in the sense of pathetic. I'm trying to keep the language play in place.]


One quarter done! 75 left and counting!


( 4 writings — write me? )
Jun. 30th, 2010 02:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the translation!
Just stumbled on your site from google. Thanks so much for translating the drama cd. Looking forward to more.
Jun. 30th, 2010 04:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Thanks for the translation!
Thanks for the comment and encouragement (^_^) I've kind of put this on hold for personal reasons...but I hope to get back to it within the next month or two!
Mar. 2nd, 2012 03:43 am (UTC)
Strength of a human
Araragi means that as a human when you get friends you feel their pain and become more weak as you try and help friends. By not having any friend you don't have to worry about others.
Mar. 2nd, 2012 03:58 am (UTC)
Re: Strength of a human
I knew what he meant from the start (my 'hardest to understand' was more about the way Mayoi speaks) - it's the issue of finding a decent translation for 人間強度 that I still haven't fully resolved. Nothing I've seen or tried sounds 'right', if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the comment anyway.
( 4 writings — write me? )