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Comchat 2009-11-14
Sakku likes moving house!?

Comchat #85
Sakku went to Okinawa and drank lots of Awamori!

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#071 2004-02-14 Suwabe Junichi
#036 2003-06-14 Suwabe Junichi
Suwabe is the first guest, and this is the first meeting between Kana and Suwabe. He and Sakurai have a "Who is more manly?"(諏訪部純一vs櫻井孝弘:究極の男比べ-運命のじゅうばん勝負) face-off, involving three tasks: (1) seduction 101, (2) puns puns puns, and (3) tongue twisters. Suwabe won.
[hardly surprising...he sounded so sexy even back then. Sakku really didn't stand a chance, methinks. Still you tho ^^]
Tags: (raji), seiyuu: sakku

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