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Lessons in trolling and "the big reveal": Katanagatari 3 & 4

Recent talk on Katanagatari has centered around the EPIC TROLL that the series pulled. Yup, it wasn't White Fox, but rather Nishio Ishin who was behind it - I mean, what animation company would seriously cut out such a huge fight on purpose? Imagine the reactions from fans of the original work!

Moving on from that, the strongest person in this series was confirmed to be...Yasuri Nanami. A genius who has never known what it's like to dedicate all your efforts towards something. And quite possibly the most evil person in this series, going by how she brought Shichika up. Final boss perhaps? Or is it yet another red herring?

But even after all that, the one revelation weighing on my mind came from episode 3. Yup, the one about Shichika killing his father, especially given the conversation that he had been having with Meisai just prior to that point. Meisai claimed that she would never forget the 43 people she killed when she left the bandit gang (of course, she might have just been talking about it as part of her strategy to throw Shichika off-balance, but let's assume she was being genuine about this)...which prompts Shichika to recall lightly that he'd also slain his own father...

What bothers me is not that Shichika killed his father - after all, there could have been a good reason behind such an action. Rather, it's the fact that it means so little to him that he forgot to mention it. What kind of upbringing produces, rather than a person, a sword? The 4th month's tale gave us a glimpse, but I'm sure there is far more yet to be unveiled.

p.s. I just watched the preview again...and

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