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On Working!!

Right, I've decided to watch this raw. It not because of what I posted the other day - although...yeah, I've been rolling my eyes from time to time - but rather, I find it much funnier raw, even if I have to watch it twice to get all the jokes. The problem is that having subs tends to make me read ahead of what's spoken, and delivery is just too important in this kind of comedy for me to keep doing that. Maybe that's why I'm not finding Arakawa all that amusing either...

That said, Order 5 was still funny enough even with subs to have me basically ROTFLOL...that's definitely the mark of a good anime for me! Call me a sadist, but I'm still finding the androphobia punching gag hilarious because of the way all the characters react to and deal with it. But I really liked the Takanashi x Inami development in Order 6 as well, and can't wait for more!

p.s. The reason I'm ecstatic will probably go up sometime later tonight...
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