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Guess what I have in my hands???

Actually, I have a few things, including the Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Puchi Sono Ichi that I fangirled about here...


However, what has me really jumping up and down in glee is the following little booklet...

...for it contains the Seven Days side story: Thursday Night!

I learnt about the Thursday Night Bangaihen probably around six weeks ago, when I came across a Chinese scanlation. Of course, I then made it my mission to track down a Japanese copy...which proved tricky since I had no idea how it had been published/distributed in the first place. Thankfully, Yahoo Auctions proved its worth once again when I finally came across this auction. But even I wasn't willing to pay ~$100 for it!

And as a matter of fact, it looks like I wasn't the only one, for this other copy went for ~$75 about two weeks ago!

But luckily for me, I'd just about given up on finding a reasonably priced copy on YA, especially since Seven Days just seems to be getting more and more popular with each passing day:

(Admittedly, the disappearance of Cyberphase probably has a lot to do with this particular insanity...)

Looking around, I found a couple of copies of the premium booklet on Mandarake, though still for the rather hefty price of ~$50 including postage. Way better than $75 though! Now I just have to hope that I don't regret it!
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