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Sunao ni Narenakute 6: and it all goes to hell

Actually, this probably isn't the low point for the characters yet - I'm expecting that around episode 8/9, and the final cliffhanger will be whether the wrist-slitter (whoever it turns out to be) will survive or not.

But episode 6 was pretty painful all around, what with Peach losing her baby (miscarriage), and the relationships clearly heading for disaster. I wasn't at all surprised that Kiriko chose her husband when confronted with evidence of her adultery - she was never going to be someone who chose love over security... [I sincerely hope I never become someone like that. edit: then again, as someone noted on the d-addicts forum, her husband might have threatened her or something?] As for Haru, she agreed to start dating Doctor because of what he did to protect her, but it is clear from her avoidance of his kiss that she still does not feel the same way as he does. Even more worryingly, his righteousness prevents her from confiding in him with regards to her problems with her students and brother taking drugs...forcing her to turn to Nakaji, who continues to read her perfectly. Even though he needs a hug himself.

*sweatdrops* It's all pretty complicated when you try to express it in words...so I'm quite happy that they are only skirting the "students taking drugs" issue, but ably using it to create a dilemma for Haru. I expected scenes of confrontation when her younger brother was found out, but I'm far more impressed with how they're focusing on the important part: how it affects Haru mentally and how that bears out in her triangular relationship with Doctor and Nakaji.

I personally think Haru's reaction to Matsushima is the right one. As an educator...no, even as a person, you should give people a chance to find the right path, a chance to prove that they can keep promises they make. Sure, you may never save everyone...but if you don't trust them, if you never even give them that chance, then there is zero possibility of saving even one of them.

Strangely enough, a fellow teacher and I had a similar conversation about it recently...I think I know what I'll be including in my farewell speech for my school.

Do people's lives really get this complicated? Not often, I would think. But to me, Sunao ni Narenakute is exploring the above complexities quite well as far as this 6th episode goes.

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