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Nishio Ishin Event Report (originally from 2ch)

Sadly, it doesn't look like it was recorded, so there won't be a DVD (Man! I'd have bought it without hesitation!)...but without further ado, here's

A Bakemonogatari report from a Nishio Ishin event last year...
with [translator's notes] as usual

898 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 01:19:45

For just the first episode, the cast recording was done to the key animation (Kamiya)

"They've made something incredible!" was what Yuuma-san said. And it really was incredible when we saw it. (Kamiya)

Getting that excited at the recording studio...Yuuma really was somewhat irritating. (Kamiya)

(In what manner was the first episode finished?) We didn't need to imagine anything. Even the parts that were missing at the recording existed already. (Chiwa)
[I assume she's referring to the novels]  

The sound director, Tsuruoka-san, alters the way sound is produced according to the scene. (Chiwa)
[I'm not 100% what カット割 refers to here - I've put it as "scene", but if someone can enlighten me, I'd be much obliged!]

Yelling things like "Keep fixing the 1st episode, keep fixing it!", (Series director) Ishi-san wouldn't let up until the moment it goes on air. (Yuuma)

Chiwa-san has good intuition as an actress, able to change her performance in a moment, so it was easy to work (with her). (Kamiya)

Kamiya-san is a good (conversational) partner. (Chiwa)
[lit. "good at receiving" in conversation...]

(Re: conversational banter) I thought about how I could express what was in my mind. (Kamiya)

I (tried to) pay attention to the sense of distance (between Koyomi) and the other characters. (Kamiya)

I tried my utmost to create a Koyomi who wouldn't be hated. (Kamiya)

Even with the perverted conversations with Mayoi, I started by presenting what came to my mind: "How about this!?" (Kamiya)

Since each character has a different image of Koyomi, from a male perspective, perhaps he has a weak presence? (Kamiya)

The anime version of Koyomi is quite manly. He helps people, he can be relied upon. (Chiwa)

When I saw the 12th episode at the office, I ended up crying. (Yuuma)

On the topic of that roller-coaster ride of the 12th episode, from the start involving staplers to the starry sky finale, my personal sentiments about Hitagi as a character did not change in any way. (Chiwa)

As always, (?) feelings about Koyomi as a character are hard to define. (Kamiya)
[out of context? I'm not sure if he's responding to Chiwa-san's comment here, i.e. talking about Hitagi's feelings towards Koyomi, or about his own feelings towards the character.]

They'd actually planned to play Hitagi's song just once, as the opening for the 12th episode. (Chiwa)

After playing the other character's openings, they wanted to return to Hitagi's song to give a sense of cartharsis, but the plan was completely derailed! (Kamiya)

Doing the character commentary was painful. (Chiwa)

The scripts were 60 pages long. Even though normal scripts are about 30 pages long... (Chiwa)

Although, even with this, the commentary has/had about 10 pages shaved off. (Chiwa)

I do the Atogataris and everything else, so I just didn't want to do the commentary. (Kamiya)

901 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 01:24:17
Real interesting. Thx

902 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 01:26:04 
Doesn't look like they recorded it, huh?

903 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 01:27:06 
>> Yelling things like "Keep fixing the 1st episode, keep fixing it!", (Series director) Ishi-san wouldn't let up until the moment it goes on air.
So you were the criminal...

904 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 01:29:03
Isn't it more like there would have been more red and black cuts if he'd taken his hands off earlier?

926 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 02:20:38
追加 (addendum)

When I received the first DVD, I was really impressed the first time I saw Oshino. (Kamiya)

I messaged Sakurai enthusiastically with "Hey! Oshino's super cool!" (Kamiya)
[...HiroC, you're just too cute...]

I received the script for the 14th episode between the day and night sessions. (Kamiya)
[looks like this was a 2 session event, and this addendum is from the night session?]

It's the first time in my 10 years working as a seiyuu that I've had to do further recording for the DVD version. (Kamiya)

The preview screening "Super Nadeko Snake" was about right in between the TV and DVD versions. (Yuuma)

According to OishiD, the 9th episode was a failure, and the 10th was incomplete, so they made large corrections. (Yuuma)

西尾先生関連 (About Nishio-sensei)
He doesn't like crowded places, so he couldn't come today (letter).
(Light) novels are great because they can be written by one person. In contrast, anime are great because everyone co-operates to produce them. (letter)

Nishio-sensei is also present when the commentaries are recorded. He seems to have enjoyed watching the seiyuu recordings.
If the commentary was too long, he was shave lines off, and if it was too short, he was a superhuman who would write more lines there and then.

938 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 02:56:03
Nishio is amazing...

939 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 02:56:44
>If the commentary was too long, he was shave lines off, and if it was too short, he was a superhuman who would write more lines there and then.
Ah...so it's just like someone in the same field said: he's like a superhuman that you can't help going "shit..."
Perhaps he's already an abnormality? 
[he's using the same word that Nishio-sensei uses to describe Shinobu, Mayoi, the cat etc: "kai"]

944 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 03:38:44
>>926 西尾先生、ぱないの!
Nishio-sensei wasn't there!
At this rate, are there no authors with durable hearts? 

946 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 03:48:51
  /つ_,∧ 〈( ゜д゜)
  |( ゜д゜) ヽ ⊂ニ) まじっすか!西尾かっけぇぇ〜〜っ!
  ヽ__と/ ̄ ̄ ̄/ |
   ̄\/___/ ̄ ̄
Really!? Nishio is damn cool!

976 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 12:51:09
[no idea what パネェ means]

948 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 04:18:02
Nishio is super cool as expected...
[where they pull this out from?]

947 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 03:59:51
Huh? Additional recordings confirmed for the DVD?
Will Kanbaru also be recorded?

952 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 08:58:04
If the commentary is too long, he shaves it off?
Well, I guess they have to match it to the scenes too, but how much does he have them say?

969 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 12:29:49
I'm pleased they're making huge corrections, but will their profits be ok?

977 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 12:52:58
Frankly speaking, this kind of correction business is the current trend in anime.
The cost of making an anime is high, and sponsors other than those looking for proceeds from merchandise aren't associated with the TV broadcast. Hence, they can't make back the production and broadcast fees unless they sell BD/DVD.

If they release the final product on TV, there'll be an effect on BD/DVD sales because of digital tv.
The difference in quality between the TV and DVD versions is pretty much their sales strategy.

978 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 12:59:35
Lowering the retail price, or attaching some special goods would also be good...

979 名前:風の谷の名無しさん@実況は実況板で[sage] 投稿日:2009/12/09(水) 13:01:34
There's a world of difference (between this) and some pointless on-the-spot "special goods".
Must have been tough on Nishio and SHAFT.


DONE! Man...this has been on my backburner for AGEEEEEEEEEEEEES (since I dunno...January?). I guess I'll get back to the drama cd soon.
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