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So that's why there was so much blood...

Because he chose the jugular rather than the wrist. I had a feeling it would be Linda, ever since episode 3 or 4, when we first got a hint that he liked Nakaji. And based on what Haru says in the preview ("Linda wanted you to be happy"), I'm fearing the worst.

p.s. A relationship chart for this series would be very similar to that of one of writer Kitagawa Eriko's first dramas, Asunaro Hakusho (あすなろ白書 ), which, in actuality, is an adaptation of a pretty well-received manga.

Oh, and unrelated (and kinda sadistic, I suppose, considering the above), but Durarara!! author Narita Ryougo-sensei shed tears at Angel Beats! episodes #3 and #10!!

And while we're on the subject of DRRR!!, I finally got round to watching the Dengeki Stage Fest 2009 event (it's available on the first DVD, if I remember correctly), and boy is it hilarious! Highlights: HiroC, OnoD and JunJun ribbing Toyonaga Toshiyuki, and a certain surprise guest ^^

And for anyone who wants to check out a Butler Cafe, the one on Otome Road is called "Suwarouteiru" 「スワロウテイル」. Hm...if I didn't know better, I'd guess "Swallowtail", but "suwarou" should stem from the verb "suwaru", i.e. "to sit".
Tags: (dorama), durarara!!, seiyuu: hiroc, seiyuu: junjun, seiyuu: onod, seiyuu: you-kyan

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