k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Durarara!! Dollars handles

Previously confirmed:

Dotachin = 「MONTA」

Newly confirmed:

Celty =「せるる」
Yumasaki = 「ウォーカー」 d'uh
Karisawa = 「カルアミルク」

I'm sure Togusa shows up somewhere too, but he wasn't shown typing and I don't recognise his voice.

Kazutown = 「数多野」
Siri = 「siri」
Takiguchi = 「タッキ」

Other voices, not necessarily characters:

「*フランキー*」 is voiced by JunJun (Shinra)
and there are a couple of other randoms 「ラビさん」 and 「まおみん」


As for the episode itself, I think one of my favourite bits was Shinra, after Anri noted that Celty was "living with a guy", going "heheh"...though I loved Shizu-chan losing his temper at multiple emails from all the Dollars members ♥
Tags: durarara!!

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