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Radio spam #1: Damerajio #1-5

I've finally started going through my backlog of radio shows - been collecting them since before I came to Japan, and never really got round to listening to any besides Code Geass, Macross F and DGS... It probably didn't help that I couldn't really understand a lot - even now, I'm around 70-90%, depending on how colloquial the personalities and guests get. orz

But enough of that...first up, we have the Nodame Cantabile Radio, hosted by Kawada Shinji [Mine] and Seki Tomokazu [Chiaki]!! These first five shows have taken me a while since I'll generally been listening with at least half my brain concentrating on something else, but here are the amusing and/or informative bits for memory's sake.

Episode 1 (an introduction, basically)

~1-2mins You can call it Nodarajio, okerajio etc, but please don't call it Damerajio
2-3mins They feel pressured because there are a lot of fans of the show. => start with an excuse

S-oke Tsuushin
Thoughts about the show (recent episodes) or manga, encouragement etc. Anything goes corner.

Uraken Hakken

food/restaurant discoveries/recommendations.
Seki likes looking for restaurants on foot (食べ歩き), discovering places that no one else knows.
=> in the past, he'd then be able to invite a new girlfriend there, saying "don't tell anyone else", making it seem like a special, secret place.

Nigate Kokufuku
(lit: overcome your weaknesses)
Weak points (like Chiaki not being able to ride aeroplanes)
A girl wrote in to say that she doesn't like sweet things! (so what should she do when someone offers her something sweet? => answer: let people know that she likes spicy things, so people may start offering her spicy things instead of sweet things? or say that she gets a bad reaction from eating sweets?)
But it's important to properly say what you think. What's important is the way you say it - いや!! will probably make others feel unfortable/miserable, but...

Uchi no Nodame
People around you who are like Nodame (or like any of the other characters)
Someone wrote in to say that his wife is like Nodame...doesn't clean, cook, do laundry etc...

Mame Chishiki

About music. They will introduce a classical piece each show, and listeners can write in with little bits of information
Seki likes "Dameyogozaimasu", because he's definitely not a morning person!

Ending Corner
musical directions (musical symbols - clefs, rests, accidentals, articulation marks - and terms - largo, a tempo etc) that are specified in a musical score to direct/guide performance of a piece.

Episode 2

They talk about how radio shows are listened to at different times of the day, so "how about coming up with a unique greeting that can work at any time?"
=> Damechiwa etc!

22 minutes
a fan wrote in to talk about his/her sister, who's just like Nodame, very messy. No matter how much cleaning (someone does), it's still a mess.
[Hm...Takanashi's sister, Izumi?]

26 mins
Mozart and Beethoven didn't wear wigs! Their hairstyles = their real hair!

Episode 3

writer wrote in about a girl he'd fallen for when he saw her piano performance

writer wrote that he'd gotten into Nodame because the person he liked likes Nodame...but even though they can now talk about it, they haven't gotten any closer!

Family into Nodame...but the writer feels like he's lost to Nodame because his/her father is really into classical music because of Nodame but the writer's own entrance into a music college had no such effect...
The writer wants to rent Chiaki on the day of her piano exams...(she cannot play the piano at all, majoring in voice)
Kawada and Seki answer "seriously" that it's not possible, because Nodame is a manga and Chiaki doesn't actually exist. "Maybe this person didn't know that, huh? / She had a misunderstanding. / Yup yup. Although there is a real-life Nodame, someone really like Nodame, but there is no Chiaki."
Seems like piano is a required class no matter what your major is (violin, voice etc)

~18 mins
Huh? Someone asked about clothes
They started talking about how they wouldn't like their own GFs to dress sexily (unless they're with them). But if it's someone else's GF, they think "why don't you show a little more..."?
=> Why don't you just wear something that suits you? Clothes define the person
And if going about naked suits you best (you never know, there might be people like that)...
(Kawada) They'd be arrested.
(Seki) well yeah, that's a crime, isn't it.

~19 mins
heard that K-san comforts himself by petting his own head, so a reader tried...but only felt sad!

~21 mins (Uraken Hakken)
They talk about an Okinawa izakaya (appeared in raji 2) for a good 3-5 mins!
about Awamori as a relaxing drink
About how Seki dislikes bitter things (couldn't even drink medicine until recently) - is he a kid?

Episode 4

Guest: Kawasumi Ayako (Nodame)

Talking about grandparents => finding a wife for Kawada-san so that he'll give his parents grandchildren!

S-oke Tsuushin
A writer wondered whether Kawasumi-san made the same faces as Nodame when acting her out => answer is yes!
Seki and Kawada are good at making fun of people.
"But there's love in our teasing!"

Kawasumi-san is made to read all the letters, even if she wins at Rock, Paper, Scissors

Uchi no Nodame
They play around but then tease Kawasumi-san by reciting everything that she read out in the letter, and adding a few other unsaid things.

Whilst working together on a previous work, Seki asked to borrow her dictionary. When she got it back, the words "ben" (urine) and "unko" (poo) were in the history. He was looking up four-character compound words using these two. And she couldn't erase the history!
"Surely that wasn't me!"
"Oh, yes it was! ...no one other than Seki-san would do that!"
"I did things like that back then? Scary..."

They then talk about whether Kawasumi-san is like Nodame.
=> in some ways...but I wash my hair (sometimes), and my room is clean (sometimes) and I cook (sometimes)...I'm sorry I'm kinda boring.

Mame Chishiki
~37 mins
Unlike what was said in a previous show?, a conductor's baton isn't a necessity. Some people conduct using their hands.
How else can it be used?

Nodame Cantabile 5

Guest: Matsukaze Masaya (Kuroki)
...very high tension this time.

Opening (1:30) According to the director, Chiaki can't pronounce "oboe"
[I can't either - it's a matter of pitch accent, and I'm not quite getting it!]

First letter:
"I got a surprise when listening to the 4th show: Matsukaze-san is the next guest! I love him! I watch every anime that he appears in! And I love Kuroki-kun too - so I was completely taken in by his performance in the show! Please keep up the great work!"
=> talk of Matsukaze-san getting this "daisuki" letter, complete with a small つ...makes Seki and Kawada kinda jealous.

Uraken Hakken (11.30~)
Masayan reads it...
"Matsukaze-san, daisuki desu~"
And the hosts burst out laughing because of this display of narcissism
He wanted to rearrange it, but it would have been forced, so he missed it...
This person is from Okinawa...
Sawada: For some reason, perhaps because we talked about Okinawan food in the first episode, it seems like everyone's hooked by it. It's not like we're gathering information on Okinawa or anything.
Seki: it's got nothing to do with Nodame after all!
We're not really asking for (information on Okinawa), you know!
Sawada: but thank you (for the information)

=> Masayan: Acerola Sours (can drink and party away the whole night on this) and
Seki: Ukon (said to be good for health - your organs will be in great spirits in 10 years time if you drink it everyday)
Masayan: wasn't it just for hangovers?
Seki: not only for hangovers, but even just if you're tired mentally, or just feeling tired in general etc
Kawada: So...is there something bothering you that you'd like to share? Something that has driven you to drinking Ukon everyday?

[What we call "Ukon" is a relative of ginger, and what they say about it is what I've heard too.]

Trivia: Kawasumi Ayako went to a music university.

At the 30 minute mark, they've covered what would normally be up to the 10th minute!

Expensive food - a 2,000,000yen melon!
[This might well be true. Was talking about it with my English Conversation Class a few weeks back, about how much the prize cantelope goes for, and it was over 300,000yen this year, if memory serves...]

clicking fingers - Matsukaze-kun is an instrument onto himself!

How many regular roles can you have in a week before you start losing track?
Matsukaze: I think about 5 roles is doable
Seki: the most I've ever done is 14
K & M: 14!! Woah!
Seki: I really felt like I'd made it, I'd broken through

Geniuses have it rough - everyone around them are enemies.
Not just in music, but also in art. Artists generally led poverished lives and only became famous after their deaths.
Seki: So Kawada-san, what do you think? Would you prefer to be thought of as a genius after you've passed on? Or would you prefer 120,000yen (about $1200) now?
Kawada: What's with this 120,000yen?! Also, in our line of work, we get feedback really quickly, right? Fans write in to say "I love you!" etc
Seki: but after you've passed on, it'd also be great to be covered in a drama, right? Like the many people of the past who're appearing in our dramas today.

Next week...
Miki Kiyora's Kobayashi Sanae-san is coming
Masayan: so I should have come next week!
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