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Another production company in trouble

A couple of days ago, the following news was apparently leaked onto 2ch (source):

> ま、そんな話はしょっちゅう駆け巡る業界ですけど。


> There is a rumour that the finances of a certain anime company are really bad. Is it going bankrupt?!
> Well, this kind of news constantly runs through this industry.
> Btw, it isn't G company.

※ the source used only initials, but is an animator working at G company.


Apparently, it's confirmed.


移転費用は現在同社と子会社のプロダクション I.Gが進めている事業所の移転と集約のためのもので、移転を進めることで事業の効率化を目指している。また、減損損失はプロダクション I.Gが製作出資するアニメ映像一作品から発生する。製作出資の回収率が低く、今後も出資金の回収が困難と判断した。




In summary: Major Anime Production Company IG Port (parent company of Prodution I.G., MAG Garden and Xebec) has registered large losses - in the range of about $5-6million - thanks to lack of profit from their movie productions and suspension of their TV productions etc. $5-6 million doesn't sound like a lot in a world where major American movie can easily make a 7-8 figure loss, but for comparison sake, that's about how much money you probably need to produce a decent 13-episode series.

This is pretty bad news, because Production I.G. is the company behind some really good and/or innovative anime, including Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Higashi no Eden.

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