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Censorship again...

but I shouldn't be surprised, given the series...it was just waiting to happen.

Anime News Network has posted an article about Death Note being banned in some schools in China (and yes, I know that the Death Note LJ community has already started discussing it) - according to minakichan on the ANN forum, it's 'Death Notes' that are being banned, rather than the manga itself.

For me, writing a teacher's name in a replica 'Death Note' would be a joke - completely harmless, but I agree with minakichan that for some, it could (and would) be completely serious, and thus, potentially dangerous. I wonder what this would do to the chances of the series being licensed - I imagine American parents would also have a problem with it! (no offense to the Americans...)

...*wanders off thinking about how cool it would be to own a replica Death Note (merchandise of the manga)*... - it's just that I would never even consider writing in it...
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