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Hagaren ep 63!

First, the part that excites me most: they covered 60/112 pages...so maybe, just maybe, we'll be getting an extended epilogue! Royai please!!!

- the first part was pretty cool, with Ed just beating the crap out of Father
- Greed's final moments were cool too...until Father bit him off - the anime version of that drifting sheet/face just wasn't as cool as in the manga.
- I wish they hadn't left out Roy and Riza's conversation about what Ed would sacrifice to get Al back
- they really showed how hard May took it
- the conversation with Truth was a bit weird - too much grinning from Truth for my liking...
- the small amounts of slapstick humour (e.g. when Seig hugged Al) were cut out

- reflecting on it again, I also liked how they chose to single out Hohenheim to end this penultimate episode, thus giving him a fitting sendoff, ending sequence and all.

So let's see, for next week...

first half = all the post battle scenes that were skipped this time round (to page 85, ~26 pages)
second half = 2 years later (~26 pages)

urk...maybe no extended epilogue after all...orz

edit: oh yeah, I hope someone keeps the ads that run through it when they encode the episode. There was a lot of Durarara!! stuff with Izaya and Shizu-chan!
Tags: durarara!!, hagaren

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