k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Back briefly...only to, er, confirm a hiatus...

Temporary, I think.

Before, I was too busy packing (I sent 8 boxes!), now I'm too busy traveling. So yeah, a certain drama CD translation (amongst other things) will have to wait...if anyone's waiting for it anyway.


Delayed reactions:

(Though I did react elsewhere...)



Miscellaneous notes:

Can't find Black Thunder - much less Dear Girl Sander - anywhere in Tokyo. Well, in Ikebukuro anyway, since I wasn't really checking until I got here. Possibly not the best place to look, especially when the city is filled with Comiket attendees...

K-Books Ikebukuro is the worst place on earth for me...especially the special goods cabinets. But I still can't believe that they have two copies of the 2008-9 A&G Calendar in the Comics store, but won't put even one of them up for sale!!!
Tags: (misc), (rant), (real_life), hagaren, manga: jump, monogatari


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