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Temporary, I think.

Before, I was too busy packing (I sent 8 boxes!), now I'm too busy traveling. So yeah, a certain drama CD translation (amongst other things) will have to wait...if anyone's waiting for it anyway.


Delayed reactions:

(Though I did react elsewhere...)



Miscellaneous notes:

Can't find Black Thunder - much less Dear Girl Sander - anywhere in Tokyo. Well, in Ikebukuro anyway, since I wasn't really checking until I got here. Possibly not the best place to look, especially when the city is filled with Comiket attendees...

K-Books Ikebukuro is the worst place on earth for me...especially the special goods cabinets. But I still can't believe that they have two copies of the 2008-9 A&G Calendar in the Comics store, but won't put even one of them up for sale!!!


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Aug. 20th, 2010 08:56 pm (UTC)
I know you're on hiatus, but I figured I may as well thank you for all your hard work translating the Bakemonogatari drama CD all at once...


I'm surprised you haven't had any declarations of love or anything yet, so here's mine. I was hoping to find a translation and I stumbled across your LJ while Googling. It really made my month! Thank you again for all your hard work and enjoy your travels!! I will wait patiently for your return. ♥
Aug. 23rd, 2010 10:53 am (UTC)
Well, even if I'm on holiday, I still check my email (^^)
Thanks for the love XD!

I don't actually know if there are that many people who've come across this little project of mine, but I'm glad that you've found it useful so far. I won't say exactly when I'll be able to get back to it, but I definitely will sometime this year ^^
( 2 writings — write me? )