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Seiyuu fans sure are amusing~

On a Joysound survey of "which anime character you want to go to karaoke with", a certain infamous information broker came second amongst male characters, and the song they wanted him to sing was...

Ren'ai Circulation (Sengoku Nadeko/Hanazawa Kana)

(Here's the reminder if you need it!)

Whilst we're on the topic, Kida was third, with "Rinda Rinda" being the requested song.

Source: Yahoo! Japan



Sep. 18th, 2010 09:32 am (UTC)
Nope, for International Studies, and Canberra's Graduate Studies in International Affairs is reputedly the best school in Australia for it. I am debating about the merits of it because it doesn't lead to a specific career path (would have been better if I'd done a law degree in the first place!) but since I didn't do an honours year for my general degree, I really think I need to do something more before I try to apply for graduate programs, especially the one for the DFAT...