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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 8/??


Disclaimer: I think I'll be taking a less literal approach from here on, because some of it sounds really weird otherwise...

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: dialogue
: [translator's notes]


26. Mobile Phones

Araragi: When were you first allowed to carry a mobile phone?

Hanekawa: Around the time I entered high school.

Araragi: Same with me.

Hanekawa: That's pretty standard for this area, isn't it?

Araragi: In Kanbaru's case though, she only got one pretty recently. It's a bit idiotic
really - seems she got one just to communicate with me.

Hanekawa: (giggle) That's more than you deserve as her sempai, isn't it?

Araragi: Speaking of which, it seems that Sengoku's negotiating with her parents
about them - she told me that she wants one. (grins) I take it that I'm also the reason for that.

Hanekawa: That's not something you should be laughing about.

27. Email*

Hanekawa: When typing an email on your mobile, do you ever miss the character
you're after because you're typing too quickly? For example, though you want to type「ko」, in your haste you press the key an extra time and return to「ka」instead?**

Araragi: Well, of course...but it's annoying. You have to keep pressing the key once
again, and in my case, I get a little irritated and end up skipping it again sometimes.

Hanekawa: You know, when that happens, you don't actually have to keep pressing the
key again. Hitting backspace will take you back.

Araragi: Huh?

Hanekawa: It's an unexpectedly little-known function.

Araragi: Ah, so it does. And furthermore, contracted and assimilated sounds like the
small "o" and the small "tsu" can easily be typed.

Hanekawa: Uh-huh.

Araragi: You really know everything, huh?

Hanekawa: I don't know everything, only what I know.

Araragi: But why is such a convenient function not very well-known?

Hanekawa: Hm...well, perhaps it's because people aren't used to it, so just pressing
the key again is faster for them.

Araragi: So it's like thumb shift?*** (You've gotta be kidding)...

[*Japanese mobile phones (keitai) are quite different from the mobiles used in the rest of the world. Whilst some can now send and receive SMS, the typical phone will only have what we call C-mail and E-mail capabilities. C-mails are sent between phones of the same carrier - the SMS of the keitai world, one could say, but with an incredibly heavy restriction. Hence, most of us opt for E-mail capability and an email address associated with our phone. Besides being on the same network as web-emails (i.e. on the internet. Though it is possible to have E-mail capability but no internet access on your phone - don't ask me how, but that's what a friend did for some weird reason...), the keitai E-mail has the additional benefit of being changeable as and when the user feels like it. And btw, the main reason for a young person - usually school age - to change their email is that they've broken up with their boyfriend (or, presumably, girlfriend)...]

[**If you've studied Japanese, you'll know that Japanese sounds, which correspond to the kana that make up their alphabet, are arranged in groups ending in -a, -i, -u, -e, -o. On a keitai, generally speaking, each group is assigned to one key, and numbers aren't included in the cycle (you have to press another button to change it to a numeral).]

[***Thumb shift is basically the Dvorak keyboard for Japanese input, i.e. a neat little tool/function that very few people know about.]

Reminder: Please DO NOT post this elsewhere!
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