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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 9/??

Onward marching with 3 more stories!

Oh yeah, and these are all un-betaed. I'll probably go over them again once I finish the entire lot (and might get another Japanese-savvy friend to check)...but if you do have any comments or suggestions, do feel free to voice them ^^

Please DO NOT post this elsewhere (links are ok). Comments and suggestions are always welcome though!

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

28. Part-time work

Araragi: It's not that I'm all that interested, having never intended to do any, but does
our school allow students to hold a part-time job?

Hanewaka: Generally speaking, no, but if you get permission from them, they'll allow it.

Araragi: Hmm... Come to think of it, in order to pay Oshino, Senjougahara helped her
father with his work, didn't she?

Hanewaka: That's quite possible.

Araragi: Hanekawa, have you ever thought about getting a part-time job?

Hanewaka: Well...no. I don't think I am worthy of working for society yet.

Araragi: Your standards are too high...

Hanewaka: If I had to say though, then tutoring you is something like part-time work
for me.

Araragi: Though I'm not paying you anything.

Hanewaka: I'm receiving something far more valuable than money in return.

29. TV

Araragi: You probably know this already, but Kanbaru has over twenty TVs of varying
sizes at her place. I couldn't believe it. In her incredibly messy room alone, there were three of them.

Senjouhara: That girl has no idea how to use money. If Japan's economy revives itself,
you can probably attribute it all to her.

Araragi: If that's to be envied, than count me in. There's just one TV at my place, in the
living room, so I always have to fight with my sisters for the remote.

Senjouhara: If you want my opinion, I'd say it's too extravagant for a high school
student to have a TV in their room.

Araragi: Well, you could say that.

Senjouhara: There's only one TV at my place, but even before that, there's just one

30. Radio

Araragi: Since I started studying for exams, I've been listening to the radio all the
time. Radio really is the exam student's companion.

Hanekawa: Well, perhaps...but it's probably better if you stop listening to the radio
whilst studying, particularly because listening is the most sensitive of your five senses.

Araragi: Really?

Hanekawa: Yup. In fact, people put more weight to what they hear over what they see
when making a decision about something.

Araragi: That so? Then listening to a tape of your textbook through your headphones
whilst watching a movie with subtitles might be a more effective way of studying.

Hanekawa: Though it would seem like you're not studying at all then.

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