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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 10/??

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: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

31. Sportswear (Gym uniform)

Kanbaru: Oh!? Are we talking about bloomers?

Araragi: NO. That piece of clothing no longer exists in this world.

Kanbaru: Araragi-sempai, you don't have to deny that so vehemently. If you try it,
you'll find that nothing else in the world that's as suitable for exercise. Your legs feel really free, and it's really easy to move.

Araragi: Even if you tell me to try it to find out, I'm pretty sure the only thing I'll find
out is how much of a pervert I am. Well, right from the start, they came from the notion of creating something that would allow women to more around freely, weren't they?

Kanbaru: They're saying that, in the end, people are much better off naked.

Araragi: There is absolutely no way that conclusion can be reached.

32. Pool

Araragi: Our school doesn't have a pool, huh?

Kanbaru: Generally speaking, it's a school lacking in facilities after all.

Araragi: It follows that we wouldn't have a school swimming costume then. That's
something that disappoints you, right?

Kanbaru: Tell me about it! The three biggest romances* of Phys. Ed. have been
completely crushed underfoot with that!

Araragi: The three biggest romances?

Kanbaru: The three biggest romances.

Araragi: I'll ask just out of curiousity.** Speak away.

Kanbaru: Number 1: attending normal classes in swimsuits. Number 2: going to and
from school in swimsuits. Number 3: pool classes in the nude.

Araragi: Do that yourself!

Kanbaru: Can I really?

Araragi: Please don't...!

[*This is a reference to the Japanese tendency to claim the "three best" of anything. E.g. The three biggest festivals (Gion, Tenjin, Kanda), the three best views (Matsushima, Ama no Hashidate, Aki no Miyajima) etc]

[**lit. I'll ask just to hear them.]


er...for the next lot, a certain fire sister is scaring me too!
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