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Radio spam #2: Damerajio #6-10

I really don't have enough icons!

Nodame Orchestradio 6
Hosts: Chiaki and Mine
Guest: Kobayashi Sanae (Kiyora)

At about 45mins: Common wisdom
Kobayashi: Well, for example, it's been raining, so you debate about whether to take an umbrella or not. But when you open the door and hear the swallows chirping, you realise that you won't need it anymore. That kind of thing...
Or in the morning, when it's still raining a little, aren't there times when you wonder whether you should bring your umbrella or not? At those times, I used to listen carefully, and if I heard the chirping of the swallows, I'd think "I won't need the umbrella. It's going to be fine."

Kobayashi: And that's not because I heard it from someone, but from my own experience.
(Really? Wow...)
Kobayashi: Somehow, I'd think "the birds are calling, so it's fine as the rain's going to stop"

You can become a ninja! This is knowledge that ninja use!
Kobayashi: Really? I see...
Isn't that fantastic? An innate ninja.
But that's how it was...

=> 47 minutes: so Sanae-chan says that when she was a kid, she could will the clouds to disappear, just by saying "disappear, disappear"
(Seki?): Huh? I know a good hospital...
(Sanae) But it's true! And when I became an adult, I couldn't do it anymore, so-
Ah, that is something that you musn't lose!
(Sanae) But it really is true! My friends could do it too...we would all-
(laughter) What? Comrades in cloud erasing?
(Sanae) During summer, or between classes, we would all go out onto the verandah, and someone would say "I'll make that cloud disappear, just watch" and they would!
The clouds weren't just floating away on the wind?
(Sanae) Not floating away, we made them vanish, the small ones...couldn't really do it with big ones

Can you make anything else disappear? Like people...

Episode 7
no guest

The opening mini-drama this time is super funny! It's about why the studio has a strangely familiar smell...


#2 "From here on, without angering the staff, please continue going wild. I'll be cheering you on."
Kawada: Hm...she's assuming that the staff don't get mad.
Seki: Right. But they do. Furthermore, they don't say anything, like the Cold War.
Kawada: The director's smile, you know, doesn't change.
Seki: He's the only one laughing.

#3 "From here on, please continue doing your best widening your battle with the director, chatting about dirty jokes and stuff."
Kawada: are dirty jokes something we can "do our best" on?
Seki: Right! You may think we're talking about them because we want to...but it's not like we normally talk about this in our everyday lives.
Kawada: like in the train.
Seki: like in the train. We'd be taken as weirdos / perverts.
Seki: We'd be arrested.

#4 "Seki-san's unfeeling poisonous tongue is a great outlet for stress relief. I can just see Kawada-san trying his best to follow up. Please keep going with that!"
Seki: I don't have a poisonous tongue!
Kawada: And it's not that I'm trying to follow - there are many instances where I'm laughing because it's funny.
Seki: and do I have a poisonous tongue? I don't, right?
Kawada: What is a poisonous tongue anyway? Do they mean you're looking down on people with contempt?
Seki: I think they mean being "harsh" or "severe". I wouldn't say that, right?
Kawada: That's true, you're always trying to make people laugh.
Seki: This You-san, his intuition is weird.
(Kawada loses it)
Seki: perhaps it's this, is it?
Kawada: is this the poisonous tongue?
Seki: Is this it? But it's a bit weird.

(blah blah blah)
Seki: Well, I believe in the listeners.
Kawada: As expected of you - you put love into it (i.e. the insults).
Seki: It's not like I mean it (the poisonous stuff).
Kawada: That's right. If your feelings get across, then it doesn't matter what you actually say...

Seki: and we've got lots of letters. There are lots of people with plenty of time to kill, huh?

#5 "To the staff, though you're always saying that dirty jokes are not allowed, that is impossible for someone like Seki-san. I've been listening to his radio shows for 10 years, and there hasn't been a single one where he hasn't touched on that topic. What do you think about letting him have free reign from here on? I think that a Seki-san who doesn't talk about dirty jokes isn't Seki-san."
Seki: there;s a bit of a misunderstanding here. I mean, after I brought it up on a few radio shows, the word went around. Then, whenever I go on another show, they bring it up, so I have to talk about it a little. I mean, I can't just say "no, I don't do that" when I have done it elsewhere - the show will become less interesting...
...so even Kikuchi-san makes me touch on this topic, to make listeners etc hate me.
Kawada: ...and even the staff enjoy it.
Kawada: You're grinning. Like, a huge grin.

#6 About S-Oke being a seiyuu orchestra...which somehow leads to Seki joking that there's no love being put into the show, to which Kawada brings up the snack that staff bought for them today, a recently popular 900 cal hamburgers! which somehow gets them to joking about how (someone - the staff? Kikuchi-san?) wants them to get fat too!

13,35 Weak point confession
They seem to have forgotten about this corner recently...

someone who's weak point is a scary story about the toilet

someone who wants to use his/her conductor's baton to tickle someone next to him/her!

16.20 Orchestra Nyuumon (Mame chishiki)

17.20 Seki stuffs up, reading "dokasa" instead of "nodokasa" (tranquility), which Kawada teases him about
[er...this is hard to explain, but I'm thinking "do~" in the sense of "extreme ~" e.g. "do-S" = extreme sadist, and there are lots of definitions for "kasa"]

Kawada reading a letter: Liszt was really popular back in his day, like even more popular than Chiaki. But I really like Seki-san's Chiaki. I love him. I love (you).
Seki: Ah, thank you.
Kawada: More than Chiaki, I love you, Seki-san.
Seki: That's not written anywhere!

Song: Franz Liszt - Mephisto Waltz (they changed the program because of a request)

They're just trying to end the section in a silly way...

The ending corner started at 25.30! (The show is 32 mins long!)
They talk about the DVD extras, a PS2 game, and about wanting to meet the real Nodame in Kumamoto prefecture.

Episode 8
Hosts: Chiaki and Mine
Guest: (Masumi-chan)

The opening is f'ing hilarious!

The talk about who Fujita-kun likes (18-20 mins in) is quite funny. -

Kawada: The girls always say that they can talk to you (Fujita-kun) without really thinking that you're of the opposite sex, so you're really easy to talk to.
Fujita: Ah, I am often told that I don't give off a 'guy-feeling'.

Seki: So what kind of woman do you like?
Fujita: Well, I like strong women.
Kawada: Is that so?
Seki: Someone who carries herself well and does things properly.
Fujita: Yup. Women who behave in a really girly way, with those little "aha~"s - I really dislike them. (Ehhh!?!) I sometimes wish they'd disappear.
Seki: So someone who's candid would be good.
Fujita: Of course.
Kawada: So someone like "Hey, Fujita, you there." [Hard to convey, but he's using masculine pronouns here - おめー I think]
Fujita: Er, not quite like that, don't you think? Of course not. (Kawada keeps going). No! That's just wrong!
Fujita: (quietly) I like women like Katsuki-san. (who?) Katsuki-san.
(Ah, I see I see)
Fujita: I reeeeeaally love her!
Seki: Are you saying she's not very feminine?
Fujita: NO NO! NO, of course not!!
Fujita: No, no. She's someone who, whilst still feminine, is relatively together as a person.
Seki: something like sublime?
Fujita: Yes yes! That's a wonderful way to put it.
Seki: So someone who depends on herself, someone you can look up to.
Fujita: Yes yes, something like that.
Seki: So you like older women?
Fujita: Yes, that's right.
Kawada: How about wanting someone to fawn on you?
Fujita: You mean me? (yup) No, not that. (Eh....)
=> someone who can be alone, your life/my life kind of thing.
Seki: So you don't have to meet that often?
Fujita: Yes, that's completely fine. We don't have to contact each other that often either.
Kawada: Do you ever feel jealous?
Fujita: No (Ehhhhhh)
Kawada: That's amazing.
Fujita: You get jealous, don't you?
Kawada: Yeah, I think I do. I mean, if you're going out with someone - isn't it nice to think of each other as a special existence?
Fujita: No, not really...
Seki: You mean it's something like you trust each other.
Fujita: Yes, that. (icic)
Seki: Then you haven't really had any bad experiences?
Fujita: Ah...well, I have.
Seki/Kawada: Let's just keep going down that track for a bit.
Fujita: No way, absolutely not.
Seki: Just say who it was!
Fujita: I can't say that kind of thing.
Kawada: Well, then how old were you?
Fujita: around 19
Kawada: so when you'd come to the city? (yup) You thought the city meant "money"...
Seki: the city is scary...
Fujita: it really is

(blah blah blah)

[Try as I might, I can't seem to find out who Katsuki-san is...]

And then they somehow move to talking about how they want to die... (not in hospital, not from old age, they just want to go suddenly, but without pain...)

And Fujita-kun seldom goes out drinking with the others...because the timing is apparently quite bad (he's really busy or something). 25.50 But Kawada remembers one time when they went out, two of them, to a place where the ceiling was kind of low, and Fujita-kun, being somewhat clumsy, bumped his head. And he let out a "Kya~!", like a scream. And everyone at the surrounding tables were like "ah, those two must be... So that one's a ~ and the other's a ~" And I was like...how do I overturn (this misunderstanding)? So I started on "So, what kind of women do you like?" in a loud voice... (so that's why you started on that) Yeah, I mean, EVERYONE turned to look, you know.

But when he's alone
Fujita: I'm like an old man
From a young age, he's had both the "old man" and "feminine" sides!

=> talk about characters he doesn't like doing (cool, handsome characters)

29mins~ Uraken Hakken
A restaurant in Osaka.

And they talk about a shrine, Tenkawa Jinja, which is apparently really hard to get to. Even if you try to make plans, something happens and then you can">

Seki tried going once, but never made it. He might try again, and "if I meet a girl there, I'll tell you all about it".

Orchestra Nyuumon

André Jolivet, Concerto (from the Nodame Sound Episode CD)

Fujita-kun, you often listen to music, right? (Yeah, I like listening). Well, have you listened to this one? (No, not yet) Well, then let's end here, shall we?

Kawada: A word on your impressions of the show? 
Seki: Or any announcement.
Fujita: Hm...I don't really have anything to announce...
Kawada: Wait, there's quite a lot (you want to say), right? 
Fujita: Well, if there's anything I want to announce, it's that I'm a completely normal person. (Laughter)
Kawada: That's the main thing (yeah) that you want everyone to take away from this show.
Fujita: Well, whatever's fine, really. (laughter), because it's annoying [to explain, I guess?]
Kawada/Seki: And then, about the show.
Fujita: Well, it's so different from anything I thought it would be that I was really surprised.
What did you think it would be?
Fujita: More, um, about orchestras and stuff.
(Raucous laughter)
Kawada: Well, yeah, both the staff and the listeners probably thought the same way too, at the start.
Seki: I did too! (Laughter) At the start.
Fujita: the start, huh?
Kawada: so what do you think about what it actually is? 
Fujita: What it actually is, huh? Well (???) (laughter)
Seki: individual play? 
Fujita: more like a duet, perhaps? But there's three of us, so messy ("rankou")?
Promiscuous* ("rankou")? Rankou? (giggling, with Fujita apologising several times) rankou?
With three guys and you're saying "rankou"? 
Fujita: Ah, it IS three guys.
Seki: Right~.
Fujita: I forgot.
Don't forget something like that.
Fujita: Excuse me, I slipped up.
Seki: Well, you meant it in a good way.
Fujita: yes, yes, in a good way.

[I think it's "rankou" 乱交 I'm hearing...definitely a huge faux pas if so!]

Episode 9
no guest...
But they talk about Fujita-kun (3mins~) at the beginning, and it's really funny.

23.50 talking about mekanekko?
26.40 Seki Tomokazu has no interest in idols?

Episode 10 (this one is hilarious too!)
Guest: Nabatame Hitomi (Saeko)

9-10 mins...what the hell do they talk about in this show?!
Whether you'd kiss a person of the same sex...
Whether the guys prefer the girls to have matching underwear? (i.e. bra and panties...)

12mins...they asked the girl how many times she likes to do it in a month!
13mins...a story about her rejecting a confession (because she'd already been asked out...) =>19mins

"Mehyou" i.e. female panther (woman who chases men...)
Nabatame-san once said on a radio that she wanted to become a mehyou, by which she meant "a sexy woman"
...Try saying this "I'm not wearing underwear today."
I mean, if you say that, then people want to check. Or in the train, my heart would skip a beat.

Is this kind of radio ok? Do you always have these kinds of conversations with guests?

About cold sweat (冷や汗)


You might be able to tell. I only started getting into this show around episode 8-10...so I had to go back and summarise everything properly before posting. End result? 9 and 10 are basically just bones...

Well, I'll see what I want to do about them after I finish the rest.
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