k-chan (karice67) wrote,

A word of caution for Bakemonogatari fans

If you're planning on archiving the series, I really wouldn't recommend Coalgirls. It's not just a matter of the wording, their translations are actually flat-out WRONG in quite a number of places. This particularly glaring one was just the tip of the iceberg. And they weren't even minor mistakes, but ones that changed the meaning of several exchanges.

For alternatives...most people apparently prefer THORA, who have all the text flashes translated. But if you're like me in that you frankly don't care about those, then I'd recommend gg's subs coupled with a BD raw release. Though that had a few mistakes too (and no, the stupid amateur virgin/STDs debacle is NOT one of them), so you might really be better off learning Japanese yourself.

*sighs* Pity most of the really excellent translators/translation checkers don't seem to want to have to do anything with Bakemonogatari...though I can't really blame them myself.
Tags: (rant), monogatari

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