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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 11/??

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: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

33. Fights

Karen: Fires and fights are my flowers!

Araragi: Your catch phrase freaks me out. What part of you is related to me?

Karen: Every part of me, of course! Now, Nii-chan, feel free to ask! From individual
squabbles to whole school wars, as long as it's about fighting there's nothing I don't know!

Araragi: It's you that I don't know! Well, I'll ask you then. Amongst the people I know
is a strange person who tries to kill me with a stapler whenever (she) sees an chink in my armour. How should I combat that?

Karen: For that...isn't there no other option than to have a staple remover on hand?

Araragi: Teach me a method that won't get me stabbed!

[I'm going to leave Karen and Tsukihi's term of address for Araragi as "Nii-chan" because there is quite frankly no equivalent in English. I understand the argument for translating everything you can, but to me, subbed anime and drama CDs have to be treated differently from written texts and dubs, where you can AND SHOULD translate everything.]

34. The Sports Festival

[*I'd suggest watching these videos first if you don't know what these two events are. kibasen (騎馬戦) means "calvary battle", and involves participants being carried on the shoulders of their comrades trying to knock off opponents headbands whilst protecting their own. boutaoshi (棒倒し) is a game in which the objective is to try and topple the opposing team's pole.]

Kanbaru: I've long had a problem with the event we call the sports festival.

Araragi: But why? Isn't it your most prominent stage?

Kanbaru: It's just that it's way too sexist! It's a huge anachronism! Even girls want to
compete in the kibasen and the boutaoshi too!*

Araragi: ...they do? Some of us guys aren't too enthusiastic about them, you know. If
told that it's fine not to join in, I wouldn't.

Kanbaru: I want to scuffle about with my shirt off!

Araragi: Quite refreshing, you are.

35. Nicknames

Araragi: No one's ever given me a nickname.

Hanekawa: Huh?

Araragi: Because I didn't have friends.

Hanekawa: That's depressing... Why are you going out of your way to tell me such a
sad thing about yourself?

Araragi: I was the one who started calling Senjougahara "Gahara-san", but Hanekawa,
were you ever given a nickname?

Hanekawa: I think I was probably called "Basa" in elementary school.

Araragi: "Basa"?

Hanekawa: They took it from "Tsubasa". And when you double it to get "Basabasa", it
sounds like the flapping of wings, so you could say it was a perfect fit.*

Araragi: Then can I call you "Basa" from now on?

Hanekawa: ...I'd rather you didn't.

[*For anyone who didn't already know, "Tsubasa" means "wings".]

36. Changing Room

Araragi: For those who aren't in a club, the changing room is something they never use,
huh? Even when getting ready for PE, we change in the classroom.

Kanbaru: If we're talking about changing rooms, then it's all about sex.

Araragi: Can't you stay on topic? Please stay on the topic!! Why do you so obstinately
keep sprouting your crazy ideas!?!

Kanbaru: But how about this, Araragi-senpai. From "kou-i-shitsu" (changing room/
更衣室) we get "kou-i" (changing/更衣). The feeling ("kou-i"/好意) of liking someone lead to commitment of the act ("kou-i"/行為). Don't you think that's brilliant?

Araragi: Let's skip this topic!!!

[Nishio-sensei and his puns...(-_-;;;)]
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