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WORKING!! 13 - initial reactions

*Sighs*...of all things, they had to screw up the date by lengthening it.

Some of it was good - e.g. the "careless" slip-ups by Yamada and Souma, and Satou's fantastic manipulation of his co-workers, but I really wish they hadn't expanded on Inami's punching gag and Takanashi's mini-complex. The production team has generally achieved pretty good storyboarding results with relatively simple rearrangements, but their extensive intervention here weakened the main point of the date. Which was? To show Takanashi's progress. In hindsight, whilst I liked the lead-up last week, I think having both the lead-up and the date in one episode would have been better.

And I'm not really fond of Maya's voice...although I did find it somewhat amusing that she's desperately trying (and thus failing) to be normally normal because of her insane co-workers. Yup, Satou's still the most normal of the lot.

p.s. Satou really is kind...Yachiyo, what in the world's wrong with you! And Satou! why are you such a hetare only where Yachiyo's concerned!
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