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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 12/??

Well, usual disclaimer.

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

37. Physical Check-ups

Hachikuji: On the topic of physical check-ups, you might be very concerned about
the figures of the girls, Araragi-san, but it's not right to talk about that kind of thing here.

Araragi: That's the worst lead-in you've ever given me. Like hell I would! I've never
even thought of it! Besides, what I'm more concerned about is my own height.

Hachikuji: But there's nothing you can do about it, right? Seeing that it hasn't changed
at all since your second year of middle school.

Araragi: No, it's not something that can be taken lightly. Failure at producing the right
conditions can mean that your height will actually drop.

Hachikuji: Please don't whine about that to me*.

[*「抜かす」 normally means "to leave out", but it can also mean "to speak/say" etc...and 'whine/complain' somehow fits.]

38. Attendance ("shukketsu"/出欠)

Senjougahara: Which "shukketsu"? Bleeding (出血)?

Araragi: Attendance and absentism of course! Why do you have to make yourself
sound so bloodthirsty?

Senjougahara: But if I cut you, blood will come out, won't it?

Araragi: Why are you cutting me!?

Senjougahara: Attendance and absentism, huh? I'm losing my enthusiasm.

Araragi: Why were you so enthusiastic... So, about that, amongst the lot of us, is
there anyone who's never missed a class?

Senjougahara: There wouldn't be, right? I was alway going to the hospital, and even
Hanekawa probably took a few days off. And Kanbaru tends to fall sick during winter.

Araragi: Well, that's because she probably spends much of the winter in the nude.

Senjougahara: As for you, you've played hooky plenty of times. Rather than receiving
an all-attendance certificate, you'll have to stay back if you're not careful.

Araragi: If I think about it, being in the same grade as Kanbaru seems fun. I imagine
she'd be like "Araragi-sempai...no, you're not a sempai anymore. Then, Araragi." or something.

Senjougahara: What's fun about that?

Araragi: I have this strange desire to be treated coldly by her.

39. Temporary Closing of Classes

Sengoku: I long for days when school is cancelled.

Araragi: ...that's a risky kind of proclamation.

Sengoku: About as much as I long for the school's destruction.

Araragi: Sengoku, you...

40. The nurse's office (lit. the health room)

Araragi: The nurse's office, huh?

Hanekawa: What's wrong?

Araragi: Nothing...I was just thinking that I intruded on her a lot back when I was a
hellion. Just remembering.

Hanekawa: When you were a hellion, you say... By that do you mean that you went
to them for first aid in your days of violance?

Araragi: Nope. I used to sneak in there whenever I felt tired. It's the one place in
school where there are beds after all. I used it as a temporary bedroom.

Hanekawa: ...but you'd have been found out really quickly, right?

Araragi: So, in order to escape their notice, I greeted the hatchet man and hid
under the bed.*

Hanekawa: That amounts to putting the cart before the horse, doesn't it?

Araragi: Whenever I woke up, my body would be aching all over.

[*There are a few vastly different versions of this urban legend, which supposedly originated in the West. Try googling it.]

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