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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 13/??

You know the drill by now, right? No stealing please!

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

41. The Library

Araragi: Hanekawa, it seems like you often go to the town library after school. Do
you ever use the school library?

Hanekawa: Hm...

Araragi: Not satisfied with the selection of books?

Hanekawa: Well, it's not that I'm not satisfied...it's somewhat difficult to say

Araragi: What's this? You're being unusually vague... Difficult to say...is it that you
aren't able to get along with the other (library) committee members?

Hanekawa: No, not that. I checked it out right after I entered the school as a student...
but the books they have are all ones that I've already read.

Araragi: You're like the worst new student anyone could want!*

[*lit: A disagreeable new student has come!]

42. Summer Vacation

Araragi: If you compare it to the rest of society in general, the summer vacation in our
area is pretty short, huh?

Hanekawa: Yup. Apparently, the second term generally starts on September 1st.

Araragi: Since we have a long winter vacation in exchange, I don't really mind...but it's
kinda depressing in the second half of August, when the topics of TV programs and weekly magazines don't mesh with our lives.

Hanekawa: That's the only time when we start to wonder whether we're really living in
Japan or not, huh?

[Er...feeling kind of lazy, so go read this is you're confused about the Japanese school system.]

43. Winter Vacation

Araragi: It's the same in the summer, but there's really nothing to do in winter vacation,
is there? There's nothing that you absolutely have to go to school to do after all. Seriously, what does everyone do to pass such a long holiday?

Hachikuji: Er...well, Araragi-san...I think they're probably having fun.

Araragi: Having fun.

Hachikuji: Araragi-san, you're not very good at having fun, are you?

Araragi: Wh...wh-wh-wh...what are you saying? Don't talk as if I'm some kind of
uninteresting person. I'm incredibly good at it, at having fun. I'm like the King of Fun. I make having fun enjoyable*. In fact, my life is filled made of nothing but having fun.

Hachikuji: Well, I don't know about that. What exactly do you do to to make having fun
enjoyable*, all by yourself?

Araragi: Don't any-oh-how decide that I played alone!

Hachikuji: Well, I mean, who did you hang out with?

Araragi: ...my sisters.

Hachikuji: ...I'll hang out with you!

[*not sure about this. Help?]

[Also, I've used several different phrases for "asobu/asobi" 「遊ぶ/遊び」 here because the Japanese concept is somewhat difficult to translate into English. It's usually used in the context of "hanging out", but also does encompass the idea of playing games etc by yourself.]

44. Spring Vacation

Araragi: I don't want to talk about Spring Vacation.

Hanekawa: Ok. I think it's fine if we skip it.

45. Golden Week

Hanekawa: Can we skip Golden Week too?

Araragi: O-kay.

[Aren't 44 and 45 nice and short? ^^]

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