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Thoughts on Shiki (Anime/Manga speculation)

Confronted with another break in the broadcast schedule, I caved and dug out the manga...now the wait is perhaps even worse, because it comes out once a month!

Comparing the pace of the adaptations though - they've covered 18 chapters and side-stories (including about five very long ones at the start), leaving another 17 chapters to cover as of now. The current pace is about 2 chapters per episode - they've cut out a few things here and there, and some of the manga pages are basically stills - which should take us to 20/21 out of the 22 episodes... So...assuming the anime is being timed to finish around the same time as the manga, there are three more chapters at the most?

Certainly fits with the fact that the manga has entered the final confrontation between the humans (led by Ozaki) and the Shiki. But something that confuses me is that the chapter released last month has the subtitle: Muroi Seishin: First Blood (i.e. First story)...given the brief spoilers I read of the novel (which I won't mention, but it's obvious if you just skim the chapter), I think he'll have, at most, one more 'story'.

And with that, the other remaining question is: what's going to happen to the village? Do they really just kill each other, Tatsumi and Ozaki included? The Japanese wiki mentions NOTHING!

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