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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 14/??

Usual disclaimer.

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

46. Emergency Drill

Hachikuji: Speaking of emergency drills, Ararag-san, you have a tradition about them,

Araragi: Ah...we've talked about that another time previously, so let's just leave it.

Hachikuji:But it's interesting no matter how many times I hear it! To the point that I'd
want to hear it as many times as possible. And we rushed over it so quickly the last time that I'm sure many listeners missed it. Pretty please, Araragi-san. I'll make an appropriate interjection, so please announce it straight out!

Araragi: Well, since you're asking that nicely, I can't say no.

Hachikuji:Thank you very much! I'm in your debt.*

Araragi: Go for it.

Hachikuji:Right. Well...uh, on that topic, Araragi-san, I've heard that you use the
famous drill motto of "o ka shi"** for an interesting catch phrase?

Araragi: Osanai (young), kawaii (cute), shoujo (girl)!

Hachikuji: Lolicon!

[*lit: I'll have you let me learn from you.]
[** According to j-wiki, it's meant to be "o ka shi mo", for "osanai, kakenai, shaberanai, modoranai" (the young, don't run, don't talk, don't return).]

47. Report Card

Araragi: Speaking of report cards, Hanekawa-san, you get straight 5s*, don't you?

Hanekawa: Could you not say it in such a strange way?

Araragi: You probably don't know this, but 1s and 2s aren't stamped in black ink, but
in red ink.

Hanekawa: That's rather mean.

Araragi: This one time, my entire report card was in red ink. It was like a horror film or

Hanekawa: That's frightening. ...hang on, Araragi-kun, you can't ever have gotten just
1 or 2 in Maths, right?

Araragi: Seems like my teacher got a bit too much into it and made a mistake. He
stamped a 5 in red ink. As one would expect, that was quite a humiliating experience.

[* lit. "All 5". Japanese grades range from 1 (worst) to 5 (best).]

48. The School Marathon [lit: Marathon Tournament...]

Araragi: It's quite unusual for an academic school*, but for some reason, the school
marathon is the only (sports) event that my school is adamant about. Held four times a year, guys running 10 clicks**, girls 8. And if you laze around and walk, a bus will come round and pick you up.

Sengoku: It's a school you wouldn't really want to go to, huh?

Araragi: It's not written in the school information pamphlet. You too, Sengoku, don't
just put it in your preferences on a whim. You'd know once you graduate and look back over your shoulder, but both Naoetsu High and its students are quite strange.

Sengoku: Yeah, I know. But well, it's not like I have any reason to apply. By the time I
become a high school student, Koyomi-onichan, you will already have graduated anyway.

Araragi: Huh?

[*i.e. a school which is focussed on sending students to university, as opposed to those whose students predominantly go to vocational schools or start work upon graduation.]

49. Stationery

Senjougahara: Shall I put my two cents in?

Araragi: If you don't, who else would? So, Senjougahara, go on and tell us all about it,
your great excitement over stationery!

Senjougahara: Table glue...is useful, isn't it?

Araragi: Don't pretend to be a saint!*

[*lit: goody-two-shoes]

50. Hairstyle

Araragi: Naoetsu High doesn't actually have any rules against dyeing your hair, huh?

Hanekawa: We're in the countryside, after all. Right from the start, people weren't even
aware of the concept, so there was no need to ban it. And if they did, the strangeness of it would only motivate the rebellious spirit of the youth in this area, making them want to dye it.

Araragi: Right.

Hanekawa: It can be surprising when we watch TV shows about the city, huh? Like,
"that hair colour, that hairstyle...that's allowed?"

Araragi: But I'd kinda like to see you with curly brown hair or seomthing.

Hanekawa: Go curl your own hair please.*

[There's no "please" in the Japanese phrasing, but without it, this phrase sounds too abrupt for Hanekawa.]

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