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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 15/??

And moving on. Usual disclaimer applies.

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

51. Class Representative*

Araragi: Hanekawa, you've always been class representative, haven't you?

Hanekawa: Well...yes, I suppose.

Araragi: You're the person everyone would pick after all, and I think it's a role that
suits you very well. But do you have some sort of preoccupation with being class rep?

Hanekawa: I can't say there's nothing. But frankly speaking, it's like I am able to do it
because everyone lets me.

Araragi: I see.

Hanekawa: But Araragi-kun, you're the secondary class rep. Since you've tried it,
don't you think it's something worth doing?

Araragi: Well...for me, anything's fun if I can do it with you.

[*lit. Committee member, which I find a bit too vague. Frankly speaking, I think "class rep" is the equivalent position in my own Australian school (where I worked in Japan, they were called "Homeroom Leaders")]

52. Delinquents

Araragi: Speaking of delinquents...they don't quite exist at our school, do they?

Kanbaru: It's probably because (the students here) don't have a messed-up moral
sense. In the first place, our town is pretty peaceful - we don't even need to lock our doors. Ah, but come o think of it Araragi-sempai, Hanekawa-sempai used to treat you as a delinquent, didn't she?

Araragi: Not "used to", she still has that mistaken impression. But if I look at it from the
other side, its thanks to this that I can get her to look after me, so it's all good.

Kanbaru: Araragi-sempai, don't you feel that you like Hanekawa-sempai a little too

53. Staircases

Senjougahara: Our school building's special feature, what do you think it is?

Araragi: Well...it's not like I've really thought about our school building having a
special feature...

Senjougahara: That's why you're an idiot.

Araragi: Why are you always so quick to put me down...

Senjougahara: Deadily deadily, just go die already.

Araragi: What the hell do you mean by "deadily deadily"? So, what's special about
our school building?

Senjougahara: The staircase.

Araragi: Huh?

Senjougahara: School buildings usually only have staircases, and no elevators, right?
Isn't that unbelievable for such a large building?

Araragi: I see...now that you mention it, yeah.

Senjougahara: And it seems that it makes for a good workout. One of the possible
explanations for people gaining weight when they start working is that they don't have to climb these staircases anymore.

Araragi: Well, if the school building had elevators, the two of us wouldn't have met.

Senjougahara: Our gracious Staircase.*

[*The "samasama" honourific here is typically attached to someone/something that has bestowed favour upon you. e.g. "our gracious Queen"...]

54. Ghost Stories

Hanekawa: So we follow "staircases" (kaidan) with "ghost stories" (kaidan)....but do
we have something like "the seven mysteries" at our school?

Araragi: If you don't know then there's no way I would, right? If you don't know
something, then no one would know.

Hanekawa: But you know, Araragi-kun, just by your mysterious experiences alone,
seven would be too few.

Araragi: Ghost stories just don't frighten me anymore. If I met Hanako-san, I'd
probably hit on her.

55. Adolescence (the springtime of youth)

Araragi: Quite a vague topic this is...well, might as well ask an adult after all. Oshino,
what do they mean by "the springtime of youth"?

Oshino: Haha! "The springtime of youth" you say? Araragi-kun, you're looking quite
perky as usual. Something good happen? That's where you lot are at right now. It's not something you should go out of you way to think about in a proper manner. Each and every precious day of your teenage years is a scene of the movie they call "the springtime of youth".

Araragi: Damn you're cool...

Oshino: Otherwise, it's probably about sexual fantasies.

Araragi: And you've ruined it!

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