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Seriously, it's hilarious! Really great for seiyuu and travel fans.

(Webpage at AT-X)

edit: The review episode, 声優旅行社2.5, was the icing on the cake. The three most pitiful/painful scenes (Masayan's cosplay, HiroC's weak taste buds, and Tomo-chan's fish panic); Masayan and Tomo-chan secretly following HiroC to Korea for his fan meeting, to see how popular the latter is; Tomo-chan's Gyro Drop experience at Lotte World (it looks like so much fun!!!!); the infinitely spicy/無限に辛い beef ribs at Ondoru-ya/オンドル家. And all the sneaking around was a huge success: Midorikawa Hikaru, who was there with HiroC, knew what they were doing and came to chat, but HiroC has no idea whatsoever...and Masayan managed to get a picture of an uchiwa with his own face on it in a commemorative photo of the meeting!