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You know the drill (^_^)

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

61. Valentine's Day

Hachikuji: Are you sure you want to talk about Valentine's Day?*

Araragi: Why not? No need to hold back. Say as much as you want. I'll be the
perfect listener.

Hachikuji: Why are you just going to listen? I'm sure you have at least one
Valentine's Day story. It's an event that you can't leave out of school life.

Araragi: I don't. Besides, Japanese people apparently don't experience a real
Valentine's Day until they enter the working world. Something like there being complicated relationships within the company and stuff.

Hachikuji: It's a hard world.

Araragi: It's just bitter chocolate.

[*lit: are you sure it's ok to talk about stuff like Valentine's Day?]

62. Changing classrooms*

[*Would this be easier to explain if I'd been educated in the States? I don't think we actually have a uniform term for it in English... Basically, where is class normally held in a classroom is held somewhere else, e.g. the library or AV room etc.]

Senjougahara: Forgetting that the class in first period has been moved and being
the only person left behind, it's quite a shock. I've even though that my classmates were bullying me.

Araragi: Yeah. That's happened to me too.

Senjougahara: I almost wrote to the MEXT** about it.

Araragi: And since we had no friends, no one would think to tell us about where the
class had been moved to.

Senjougahara: And conversely, you'd think that the next lesson was moved for
some reason, and be waiting outside the locked AV room in a daze.

Araragi: Sorry. I've never done that.

[**Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology]

63. The Blackboard

Senjougahara: Hanekawa-san has really nice blackboard writing - does she
practice somewhere? Compared to pencils, chalk as a writing instrument requires a completely different skill. How, on a surface that's perpendicular to the ground, can she write as she normally does (on paper)?

Araragi: You shouldn't even bother asking. It's not even a matter of writing, she can
even draw a perfect circle without a compass. She's basically a freak of nature.*

Senjougahara: That's mortifying.

Araragi: Why are you mortified? If it bothers you, then why don't you practice writing
on the blackboard too?

Senjougahara: To me, a blackboard isn't something you write on, it's something you

Araragi: Don't you dare even practice that.

[*lit.: someone with remarkable ability]

64. Future Dreams

Oshino: Araragi-kun, do you have a dream for the future?

Araragi: Huh? Well, I wonder if something like this counts. I'd have to eat, so I'll
work at least.

Oshino: Living for the present, huh? Well, those who live for the present or for the
past, without dreams, perhaps that's practical.

Araragi: Hey...that's not something an adult should be saying to a kid. Even lying is
fine, so give me something I can dream about at least.

Oshino: If you work hard, your dream will come true!

Araragi: That's shallow!

Oshino: If you work hard, you'll lose interest in your dream!

Araragi: Wah...deep! But not what I'd want to hear!

65. Love Letters

Hachikuji: Well, we'll just skip this topic.

Araragi: Don't pull that on me!*

Hachikuji: But Araragi-san, isn't it something that has no connection with you
whatsoever? Love letters, that is. Airmail would have a better chance of reaching the addressee, don't you think?

Araragi: Or rather, love letters themselves are rather rare nowadays. Don't people
do this all by messaging anyway?

Hachikuji: Guess so. But messaging has a decisive weakness.

Araragi: Like what?

Hachikuji: You can't confess to anyone not in your address book.**

Araragi: Ohh...

[*lit.: don't just decide it so arbitrarily]
[**lit.: You can't confess to anyone you don't know.]


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Nov. 21st, 2010 12:55 am (UTC)
You should do the commentary tracks
Like the subject says, you should translate the commentary tracks that are on the Blu-ray releases of the show.
Nov. 21st, 2010 02:16 am (UTC)
Re: You should do the commentary tracks
Thanks for the confidence, but frankly...although I do consider it once in a while, when I go back to listen to them, I'm like "no f****** way!"...at least not at my current level.

Detailed summaries - perhaps - but a translation may be impossible. Series translators found the episodes themselves challenging, and they had the novels to work off. Furthermore, the commentary scripts were double the length of the average episode scripts. If I can't find a Japanese script for the commentaries (the drama CD comes with one), there's no way I'm even going to attempt a proper translation until I've at least read the first two/three novels...

Edited at 2010-11-21 02:18 am (UTC)
( 2 writings — write me? )