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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 17/??

You know the drill (^_^)

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

61. Valentine's Day

Hachikuji: Are you sure you want to talk about Valentine's Day?*

Araragi: Why not? No need to hold back. Say as much as you want. I'll be the
perfect listener.

Hachikuji: Why are you just going to listen? I'm sure you have at least one
Valentine's Day story. It's an event that you can't leave out of school life.

Araragi: I don't. Besides, Japanese people apparently don't experience a real
Valentine's Day until they enter the working world. Something like there being complicated relationships within the company and stuff.

Hachikuji: It's a hard world.

Araragi: It's just bitter chocolate.

[*lit: are you sure it's ok to talk about stuff like Valentine's Day?]

62. Changing classrooms*

[*Would this be easier to explain if I'd been educated in the States? I don't think we actually have a uniform term for it in English... Basically, where is class normally held in a classroom is held somewhere else, e.g. the library or AV room etc.]

Senjougahara: Forgetting that the class in first period has been moved and being
the only person left behind, it's quite a shock. I've even though that my classmates were bullying me.

Araragi: Yeah. That's happened to me too.

Senjougahara: I almost wrote to the MEXT** about it.

Araragi: And since we had no friends, no one would think to tell us about where the
class had been moved to.

Senjougahara: And conversely, you'd think that the next lesson was moved for
some reason, and be waiting outside the locked AV room in a daze.

Araragi: Sorry. I've never done that.

[**Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology]

63. The Blackboard

Senjougahara: Hanekawa-san has really nice blackboard writing - does she
practice somewhere? Compared to pencils, chalk as a writing instrument requires a completely different skill. How, on a surface that's perpendicular to the ground, can she write as she normally does (on paper)?

Araragi: You shouldn't even bother asking. It's not even a matter of writing, she can
even draw a perfect circle without a compass. She's basically a freak of nature.*

Senjougahara: That's mortifying.

Araragi: Why are you mortified? If it bothers you, then why don't you practice writing
on the blackboard too?

Senjougahara: To me, a blackboard isn't something you write on, it's something you

Araragi: Don't you dare even practice that.

[*lit.: someone with remarkable ability]

64. Future Dreams

Oshino: Araragi-kun, do you have a dream for the future?

Araragi: Huh? Well, I wonder if something like this counts. I'd have to eat, so I'll
work at least.

Oshino: Living for the present, huh? Well, those who live for the present or for the
past, without dreams, perhaps that's practical.

Araragi: Hey...that's not something an adult should be saying to a kid. Even lying is
fine, so give me something I can dream about at least.

Oshino: If you work hard, your dream will come true!

Araragi: That's shallow!

Oshino: If you work hard, you'll lose interest in your dream!

Araragi: Wah...deep! But not what I'd want to hear!

65. Love Letters

Hachikuji: Well, we'll just skip this topic.

Araragi: Don't pull that on me!*

Hachikuji: But Araragi-san, isn't it something that has no connection with you
whatsoever? Love letters, that is. Airmail would have a better chance of reaching the addressee, don't you think?

Araragi: Or rather, love letters themselves are rather rare nowadays. Don't people
do this all by messaging anyway?

Hachikuji: Guess so. But messaging has a decisive weakness.

Araragi: Like what?

Hachikuji: You can't confess to anyone not in your address book.**

Araragi: Ohh...

[*lit.: don't just decide it so arbitrarily]
[**lit.: You can't confess to anyone you don't know.]
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