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Uraboku fan-manga translation

The fan-comic is from pixiv, and you can access the links here

{scribbled lines}
[translator's notes]


(Author's) Notes:
[at the top of both images]

Please read this as I'm using a particular setting
  • this is a fan story of one of their previous lives
  • Shuusei is a woman (but still uses "ore" as 1st p pronoun)
  • HotsumaxShuusei
  • there's a continuation

If you're fine with that, then please scroll down.


That which cannot be foreseen...PART 1

"I've given Shuusei the right to choose."
That's what Takashiro* said.

[*there's no 「-sama」 here.]

As long as it's a Zweilt, it doesn't matter even if she doesn't make the vow with me.

Shuusei will...

(Who) will Shuusei...?

I'm coming in.


If you're here to sneak into my bed, Hotsuma, forget it.

I'm NOT!! You idiot! {a girl shouldn't be saying things like that!}

You don't have to take a joke so seriously.

That...did you hear about it? from Takashiro-sama

...Yeah, I heard.

I see.

...so, what will you do?

What do you mean?

I-I mean..!


Is there someone you like?


Is that something...

you should be asking...?


Th--- That's true!! {yeah!}

(Interesting as always...)

If you're gonna have a kid,
it'll be mine, huh? {of course!}

{hehe} That was a strange thing for me to ask, huh?


(Is that alright?)

Sorry, Shuusei.

(Are you alright with that?)

(That your partner...)

(sn't "Yuki"---)*

(Ah...that's wasn't cool at all...)

...not at all...**



[*this phrase isn't completed - it ends with "ja"...but it looks like he's thinking "ja nai"]
[**this could be in response to so many things it's not funny!]


That which cannot be foreseen...PART 2

(Why was I born as a woman?)

(The reason for that, the strong wish that I probably had when the time came for us to be reborn, I don't remember anything about it.)

(All that's certain is)

(that it's not because I wanted to bear a certain man's child and become happy...just that one thing.)


Even if this succeeds and you are blessed with a child, it does not necessarily mean that it will be one chosen by the gods, a new Zweilt.

In fact,
because of the lineage, the child might not even be human.

And to have that after pulling you away from the battlefield for 10 months and 10 days*

[*In Japan, this is what the gestation period is considered to be.]

---no. It's already been decided.
I'm just repeating things needlessly.



If, by some chance, that which we do not wish for is born,
as its mother, I'll leave you to take care of burying it.



(At most, that's just pity.)
[not sure about this one]

Ha-hang on...
ShuuSEI!! {Argh}

...you dolt. That's dangerous!

...are you alright?



(I know)

(Since I was born as a member of the Giou family, if that's the will of the clan...)

Takashiro-sama, does that partner have to be Hotsuma?


(By my hand, I will end it...)

(Even if, that child...)

As long as all the Zweilts agree, I don't mind who it is.

(...is Hotsuma's--!!)




{Whatcha mean "huh"?}

...geez. Do just blank out when you sitting on someone. Since it's you, I can't just throw you off.


...you're hiding something from me, aren't you?

Takashiro or the elders, behind my back...they're not forcing you to do something impossible, are they?
If that's the case, I'll tell them outrig-


Shall I entice you with my red lips...?*
[*lit: Shall I invite you with rouge/lipstick etc]

HUH!? {What's with that!!}

No...since you're being half-hearted about it, I thought I should try and act more like a woman...

...stop fooling around.

Who in the world would say that!

...it was a joke...


(Why was I born a woman?)

(No matter how deep I go, I'm all wrapped up in the darkness and nothing can be seen.)

(Not even your heart.)


Apparently, there's more after this one ^^

[And just in case: yes, Takashiro was implying that he wants Shuusei to kill the child if it turns out to be a Duras...*huggles Shuusei*]
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