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Clearing up a bit more anime nonsense before I really get down to studying...

(More Sukisyo thoughts...) I've only see the 12 episode anime and read the one volume manga (whilst I have a couple of the Drama CDs, I don't understand enough Japanese to be able to get anything from them) but information from the game and Drama CDs really influences one's understanding of the anime. That is to say...if you haven't played the game or listened to the dramas, there are probably a few things you just wouldn't get about the anime, because it isn't explored in sufficient detail. (Sources: asamidori's summaries of -FIRST LIMIT- TRUTH and -RAIN TRUTH-).

In the anime, the drama only really starts in about the 8th episode, although it is hinted at before, and the important events and explanations begin only in episode 10. The idea of "individuality manipulation" (as Ayu translates it) is that a fear is somehow embedded in a person which enables the manipulator to control that individual to perform certain tasks. The guide book (drama one I think) which asamidori quotes from explains what Aizawa was doing to Sora...I'm not sure how much of the drama is the same as the anime, but it explains that the 'orders' which Aizawa wanted Sora to carry out were (1) Kill Sora's parents and Sunao's parents (the anime replaced this with 'Shake off Sunao's hands'), (2) Jump out of a window upon seeing Aizawa again after having escaped from the lab and (3) "After he and Nao become one (errr sorry I can't translate this good = =|||) he will kill everyone around him and then kills himself too." (3) failed for different reasons in anime and drama/game, but the gist of the whole thing is clearer with this information.

I admit I liked Sukisyo...if it had been a bit more explicit (like the game is meant to be), I probably would have dropped it, since I am a bit uncomfortable with sex scenes in general (I was uncomfortable with ShigurexAkito being so explicit in Furuba too, nor do I think it's necessary in many Western movies...but that's just me...)...and I don't usually follow genres like this (anime based on dating sims) unless the characterisation or plot is interesting, and that's what I enjoyed about Sukisyo... Especially like Sora, Nanami-chan and Minato-sensei (and at the end, Nagase was interesting too, but he wasn't in the series enough)...and yes, Ishida Akira as the 'motherly figure' was really amusing to listen to...^^...

edit (May 18): snickers I just realised...check out the lead seiyuu in s.CRY.ed...that's kinda ironic...

Speaking of the seiyuu, will this series make me cringe at GSD for a while? Can't say for certain...was covering my ears whilst watching ep.29 this morning because they recapped scenes from GS where a certain character was crying *shudder*...will have to see.

And where in the world are Bleach 178 and Naruto 259?!? They've usually surfaced by this time each week..."patience is a virtue...patience is a virtue...patience is..."

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