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Cornered!! Yuukyan at the Macross Tokyo ZEPP Live

This is absolutely hilarious...but you really need to watch it to appreciate it fully!


Kamiya: There's one thing that I'd really like to ask you (Alto).

Nakamura: Ok

Kamiya: Today the day of Ranka-chan's first live, right?

Nakamura: So it is.

Kamiya (speaking to the audience): but in Macross, isn't there another singing princess? And that's...(holds out his mike)

Crowd: SHERYL!

Nakamura: Ah, that tomboy.

Kamiya: Once and for all, which one do you like?

(Cheers and laughter)

Nakamura: Should I answer as Alto? Or as Nakamura Yuuchi? That's an important difference you know?

Kamiya: I see...then, whichever's easier.

Nakamura: Whichever's easier...then as Nakamura Yuuichi ---

Kamiya: Wait wait, sorry...can you just take a moment to answer as Alto?

Nakamura: So, as Alto. Well, VF-25 ---

Kamiya: It seems long after all, so nevermind (sorry), just answer as Nakamura.

Nakamura: As Nakamura then. During the day, I said "Sheryl", but after that I was thinking about it backstage. 

Kamiya: Uh-huh

Nakamura: The reason I chose Sheryl was that, Ranka was on her way to becoming a star, gradually getting further and further out of reach. In contrast, Sheryl was falling from that lofty position, right?

Kamiya: Bit by bit, yeah. Though it's a bit rude talking about this.

Nakamura: To put it bluntly...

Kamiya: Once they switched places, she just plunged, right?

Nakamura: Yeah, she's coming down like a rocket, right? (to audience) Yaaaay...

(Laughter) [If you look at the audience, you can see people with their thumbs up and down...]

Nakamura: It feels good, you know.

Kamiya: Please don't end it on a tragic note.

Nakamura: So, with Sheryl gradually becoming a more reachable existence, I feel that I need to protect her, to help her, to support her. That's why I chose Sheryl. But

Nakamura: But then I was just thinking about it backstage. Ranka will become a star, won't she?

Kamiya: Yeah, so it seems. Today is the first step of her journey to becoming a star.

Nakamura: That's true...(*thinking*, then he scratches his head with a sheepish grin on his face)

Kamiya: Nakamura, are you okay?

Nakamura (sheepishly): Er...the one I like is Cathy.

Kamiya (etc): AHAHAHA
Tags: (translations&summaries), macrossf, mecha, seiyuu: hiroc, seiyuu: you-kyan

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