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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 18/??

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: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

66. The School Trip

Hanekawa: Wasn't it at the end of second year or thereabouts? that we went on
the school trip.

Araragi: Ah...don't want to remember that.

Hanekawa: Why not? I thought it was a fun trip, seeing old Kyoto.

Araragi: To those without friends, the school trip is nothing but a bed of nails. If your
group isn't enjoying themselves outside or in the hotel room, you know it's your fault. Like "Want to try going a little further than they've allowed us, but someone we don't know is here." Or "Would love to have a pillow fight, or play Truth or Dare...but someone we don't know will be watching." I felt it quite acutely.

Hanekawa: Araragi-kun, how did you make it through 6 days and 5 nights of

Araragi: And on that topic, Senjougahara didn't go, smart choice on her part.

67. Homework

Araragi: When your teacher doesn't get mad even when you haven't done your
homework, it's kind of depressing.

Hanekawa: It's like they've got low expectations for you.

Araragi: Yeah, that.

Hanekawa: But in that case, you just have to rally yourself and try harder.

Araragi: They don't have low expectations of guys who can do that.

Hanekawa: Ah...I guess. But during middle school, there was a time that they didn't
give me any homework.

Araragi: Huh? Why not?

Hanekawa: My homeroom teacher said "It's not right to interfere with your course
of study". I know she thought it was for the best, but it hurt me a little for some reason.

Araragi: In any case, you're just sensational.

68. O-bento (Lunch)

Araragi: Come and listen to my mournful story.

Hachikuji: Though I'd like to pass on that if I could...

Araragi: It's an episode from second year high school, the time in my life where I
had the least friends. At that time, I didn't have anyone I could eat lunch with.

Hachikuji: At this point, I already want to cry.

Araragi: Not having friends was fine, but I didn't want to be thought of as a lonely
guy without friends. So can you guess what I did?

Hachikuji: What did you do?

Araragi: Had an early lunch.

Hachikuji: An early lunch?

Araragi: "I was hungry so I had my lunch earlier. I'm sorry I can't eat with all of you,
but please take your time." Or something like that.

Hachikuji: What regrettable pride, huh?

Araragi: When I think that Senjougahara was probably bursting with laughter inside
when she saw me like that, I feel like killing myself. Ah, and it's about time. Hachikuji, let's grab something to eat.

Hachikuji: I'm crying inside, but roger that.

69. Studying for exams

Araragi: Studying for exams. That's precisely what I'm doing now. Though it's
something I would never have imagined just a short while ago, looking at it the the other way, it's something I should have started much earlier. That's what I keep thinking now.

Hanekawa: It's never to late to start anything, you know.

Araragi: Is that so...

Hanekawa: Yes. Araragi-kun, you've still got next year, and the year after that too.
There's no expiry date on a goal that you have conviction in.

Araragi: That's good advice, but Hanekawa, if you say that to me at this point in the
year, my motivation will only drop.

70. Enrollment by recommendation

Araragi: Gahara-san, you said that you're going to university by recommendation,
but what is this "enrollment by recommendation" system?

Senjougahara: A system where lack of knowledge of it on your part won't hinder
your life in any way, Araragi-kun.

Araragi: Can't you even tell me what it is?

Senjougahara: Or rather, even I don't really know.

Araragi: And that's okay?

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