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I fell old just thinking about it...even though I don't feel any older than yesterday...

It's Takeuchi Junko (竹内順子)'s week at seiyuu だってばよ!!...hn...I can't use that properly...

Was reading Fruits Basket c84 again (one of the Yuki-centric arcs) and was just thinking about one of those little debates people always get into about who had the worst past. Well...at least between Kyou and Yuki, I know who's past I would have preferred to have (given what we know so far).

I read once that there was a monarch (can't remember where or when) who conducted a few experiments to find out what human characteristics are innate and therefore don't need teaching. He isolated a few babies, only allowing them to be fed (since that's definitely necessary)...they all died within about a month. People need to interact with others - we are an affectionate species, and without affection, we'd die.

I don't even know how Yuki managed to survive the treatment he received in his early years. Pretty much no affection, just hate/indifference; even the rest of the jyuunishi avoided him...I wonder how he found the kindness and courage to face Haru and dissipate that hatred/dislike. I'm also wondering how he came to live with Shigure - I think it may have been hinted at when Takaya-sensei was covering Kisa's problems and story...I really need to read Furuba again...

That said, there are still so many mysteries...whilst the series seems to be winding up, I'm not sure if it can finish by volume 20 (which was once rumoured), since that would be just 10 more chapters. I wonder if we'll soon know just how painful Kyou's and Tohru's pasts were for them - Tohru's is hinted at in c109, but I'm sure there's also something deeper in the former's heart which we just haven't fully been informed of yet.

edit: I just noticed, Iwasaki Taku (岩崎琢) will be doing the music for Black Cat...the probability of me watching it when it's out has just increased.

Also, Bleach 178 is something I've been expecting for a little while...people on soul_society throw too many theories around, but it really was to be expected (although I'd actually forgotted about the hollows we see with Grand Fisher). Still...the look that Gin gave Rangiku before he was taken away...is Bleach really a soap-opera in disguise?. Oh, and Urahara's going to be getting it soon...looking forward to that. ^^
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