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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 19/??

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: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

71. The Choral Contest

Araragi: The Choral Contest? Ah...that was traumatic.

Hachikuji: Really? Why was that? I don't particularly see how that's an event that
can be traumatic for you, Araragi-san.

Araragi: I hate singing, you see, so I put myself up for conducting. And without
anyone even voting, it fell on me.

Hachikuji: What did you think would happen?*

Araragi: I bet Senjougahara all but died of laughter at that time too.

[*lit. What were you doing?]

72. Test of Courage

Araragi: Test of Courage. It seems like such an event took place at school when I
was in second year.

Hachikuji: "Seems like.."?

Araragi: I wasn't invited.

Hachikuji: ...well, Senjougahara-san probably wasn't invited either, right?

Araragi: Actually, it seems like she was, but she turned it down.

Hachikuji: Araragi-san, does that mean that, in your class, you were left out even
more than Senjougahara-san was?

Araragi: No one knew my cell phone number. Dammit! I wanted to turn down the
invitation too!

Hachikuji: You're warped, aren't you...

73. The break between classes (or "The rest-break)

Araragi: A ten-minute break between classes is pretty short, huh? By the time
you've prepared for your next class, it's already over.

Hanekawa: Well, it's a rest-break, not a play-break. I think it's set so that you can
prepare for your next class.

Araragi: Still, with just those 10 minutes, the Pro of the Rest-Break can get to the
convenience store to read a magazine* and make it back. I'm completely stunned.

Hanekawa: Who's the Pro of the Rest-Break?

Araragi: Ms. Kanbaru.**

[*lit: stand and read]
[** he says "Kanbaru Pro", which, if I'm not mistaken, is how professionals in chess, go and shougi etc can be addressed. What do we do in English again? Do we even use titles?]

74. Student numbers (in class)

Kanbaru: "The evils of managing people with numbers". There's a debate about
something along those lines.

Araragi: So there is.

Kanbaru: But if we're talking about that, then the numbers on the backs of
basketball players go to the extremes of inhumanity. It's just "Mark the No.4" you know.

Araragi: Well, it's not like you can remember each and every name on the opposing
team, so it can't be helped, right?

Kanbaru: Hmm?

Araragi: For me, I don't even remember my classmates' names.

Kanbaru: How cold of you.

Araragi: Not really, after all*, they don't remember my name either.

[*lit: let me just say this]

75. The Cultural Festival

Hachikuji: Is it the same as always? Araragi-san, do you also hold dark memories
about the cultural festival?

Araragi: No no. Look at this year - I was the vice-committee leader supporting
Hanekawa, who was the leader. We divided up the work and prepared for it together, so there's no way it wouldn't have been fun. After school, the two of us remained behind flirting in the classroom.

Hachikuji: How about last year and the one before that?

Araragi: No comment.
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