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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 20/??

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: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

76. Summer Camps* ["rinkan gakkou" or "linkan gakkou"]

Hachikuji: Araragi-san, can I make an incredibly bad joke?

Araragi: Hm?

Hachikuji: Something so incredibly lame** that only Sengoku-san would laugh at?

Araragi: Sure. I know what you're capable of, so no matter how bad this one is, I'll
treat it as a passing phase.

Hachikuji: I've heard that summer camps [linkan gakkou] in the US are sometimes
mistaken for schools for clever children.

Araragi: Why's that?

Hachikuji: They're schools for the common people made by the common people
for the purpose of the common people.

Araragi: So "Lincoln schools"!?

[*lit. camping school, school camp in the mountains = summer camps in the States, methinks]
[**In Japanese, a lame joke is described as being "cold". Here, Hachikuji describes it as a blizzard level joke...]

77. Transfer students

Araragi: Putting elementary and middle schools aside, once we got to senior high,
there really aren't many transfer students, huh?

Hanekawa: That's true. Especially since our school is a private one. In our year, we
don't have a single one. It seems like we boast an evil entrance exam for transfer students.

Araragi: Evil, you say?

Hanekawa: They say it's something that I would fail.

Araragi: Then there's no way anyone can pass.

78. Learning/Knowledge

Hanekawa: "The gods don't create humans above other humans, nor do they
create them below others."

Araragi: That's from "The encouragement of learning", isn't it?

Hanekawa: These words, don't you think that they tend to be used to elevate the
"victims" in our society?

Araragi: When you put it that way...even I'm raised up. That's a bit too idealistic, isn't
it? It's just not realistic at all - there are humans who stand above you, and others below you.

Hanekawa: Yup. But in the first place, Fukuzawa Yukichi-sensei noted basically the
same thing in the text itself. I'm paraphrasing, but something like 'People say that "the gods don't create humans above other humans, nor do they create them below others", so why does reality not reflect that?"

Araragi: It was just heresay?!

Hanekawa: Yup. Furthermore, he continues like this. "Why do such divisions arise in
real life? What are the differences between them? The answer to that is a difference in learning." And so we have "The encouragement of learning".

Araragi: Doesn't that mean that the main point wasn't conveyed at all?

Hanekawa: Words with the greatest impact are what everyone ends up
remembering after all. I don't think that was Fukuzawa-sensei's intention.

Araragi: ...I'd better get to studying...

[Nishio-sensei, can I kill you? Or am I being a bit premature with this mini-rant...?]

79. Reading

Araragi: When it comes down to it, Gahara-san, your hobby is reading, huh?

Senjougahara: Yes, well, as you've guessed, Araragi-kun, since I dislike being
spoken to, I've even gone out of my way to show that I'm reading. To put a name to it, it's a book barrier.

Araragi: Uh-huh. Frankly speaking, the action of reading a book is like a message
saying "don't talk to me" to the people around you.

Senjougahara: Similar to the use of headphones. Perhaps even fiddling with your
mobile phone has the same meaning. They have the appeal of a simple way of saying "I'm in my own world at present, therefore I have no interest in all of you."

Araragi: The skill of avoiding communication, huh?

Senjougahara: I can avoid speaking, but you know, the other day, Hanekawa-san
once again made me feel like I'd lost.

Araragi: That's why I say you shouldn't try to oppose her. So what is it? How did
she make you feel like you'd lost this time?

Senjougahara: When I saw her walking around in town on Sunday, she was holding
on to some books bound by a bookband. It looked so good it captivated me, the bookband that is. I want to know where they sell them.

Araragi: I've only seen them in American TV shows myself.

Senjougahara: My war with Hanekawa-san has me at one win and 99 losses so far.

Araragi: What was the win?

Senjougahara: That's a secret.

[Seriously, is he that dumb? I'd rather think he isn't, so perhaps this is just one of the the ways they flirt...and...「がはらさん」出た!]

80. Switching uniforms

Araragi: The time we switch uniforms is quite thrilling, huh?

Hachikuji: Can you not bring this subject up to me?

Araragi: Can't help it. If anyone else were here, I'd be treated as a pervert. Honestly,
I'm stumped. How much do you think guys anticipate the time when girls change from their winter to their summer uniforms?

Hachikuji: Wouldn't Kanbaru-san understand how you feel?

Araragi: But she and I have different lines of thought here. Unlike her, I'm also
thrilled when they change from summer to winter uniforms. Isn't the girl's duffel coat fantastic? The one guy who isn't disappointed by girls wearing thick clothes, that would be Araragi Koyomi.

Hachikuji: Araragi-san, you're that kind of person, aren't you? From a girl's
perspective, there's no guy as easy to deal with as you are.

Araragi: Huh!?

Hachikuji: Araragi-san, we don't even have to look at the uniform switch. If a girl so
much as changes her hairstyle a little, you''d be thrilled, right?

Araragi: To be frank, yeah I would.

Hachikuji: I guess styles and dressing up have an effect on you, huh?

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