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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 21/??, and a note on a certain new law

Firstly, getting to the end of this, so I thought I might as well ask here first.

Would anyone like to edit/beta this translation? What I'll need is someone who's good at finding a "voice" for characters and keeping them in it, so a very good grasp of English is a must. Some level of Japanese would be a bonus, but not a necessity. If you're interested, please leave me a comment here and a way to contact you. Thnx. (^_^)

Secondly, I am still aiming to have this complete by the end of the year. However, I'm sure most of you have heard of the Tokyo Youth Ordinance law by now. After seeing the number of uninformed comments even on AS, where people are normally quite sensible, I'm afraid that I'll be joining the commentators trying to get accurate information out. Since I have to balance some RL responsibilities as well, it's possible that this translation project just might not be completed this year.

One last thing before I go on. Please, if you want to comment on the new law, do read up on it first. Dan Kanemitsu's blog is a good place to start, and Danny Choo also provides a much needed perspective that a lot of people seem to be missing.


Back to Hyakumonogatari: you know the drill

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

81. The gym

Araragi: If we're talking about the gym, then it's all about you, right Kanbaru?

Kanbaru: Why not? Let's make it about me. Basketball is usually played in the gym
after all.

Araragi: And the uneven bounce outside makes dribbling difficult too. So, anything
you want to say about the gym?

Kanbaru: Hehe. In that case, Araragi-sempai, how's this. There are a few volleyballs
that have gotten stuck in the roof of the gym, right?

Araragi: Yeah, due to ceiling serves and whatnot. And it's dangerous when a
forgotten ball suddenly comes loose and falls.

Kanbaru: But as for the gym of our school, it's got tonnes of basketballs that I've
launched up there.

Araragi: That's beyond dangerous!!

Kanbaru: They're relics of the period when I was trying to figure out ceiling shots.
Hehe, to think that I can finally talk about it now.

Araragi: Now is too late!

82. Severe Weather Alerts

Nadeko: During the typhoon season, I'm happy when school is cancelled because of
a typhoon.

Araragi: I think I've come to understand you somewhat.

Nadeko: When the cancel alert hasn't come by 8am, having to walk to school in the
rain is rather depressing.

Araragi: You're the kind of person who becomes super happy, or super sad, at the
slightest thing, right?

Nadeko: When the windows break thanks to the typhoon, it's rather fun.

Araragi: It is!?

Nadeko: And it's saddening when the typhoon alert shows that the waves aren't
very bad.

Araragi: Sorry...I don't understand you anymore.

83. Cleaning duty

Hanekawa: Senjougahara-san tends to skip out on cleaning duty, doesn't she?

Araragi: Not just cleaning, she's good at skipping out on just about everything. Even
my skills at truancy are no match for hers. Come to think of it, she always escapes with a hospital appointment whenever the big school clean-up is on.

Hanekawa: Does she not like cleaning?

Araragi: It's not that, she just doesn't like having to cooperate with others. Rather
than methodical, she's rather neurotic. I'd say she quite likes cleaning, you know. Her home is excessively* clean, there's no litter even around the outside of the apartment.

Hanekawa: She really shouldn't go to Kanbaru-san's room, huh?

Araragi: The Valhalla combination is quite balanced, after all.

[*lit: oddly/strangely]

84. May Blues*

Tsukihi: Onii-chan, have you ever suffered from the May Blues?

Araragi: Depends on what you mean by the "May Blues". If getting depressed
because you're unable to get used to a new environment comes under the definition of the "May Blues", then the whole of my first year at Senior High was basically something like that.

Tsukihi: Oo~h

Araragi: And you, Tsukihi-chan? Don't you feel a bit down when, for example, your
class changes?

Tsukihi: To me, the entire town is like my class, so as long as we don't move
faraway, my environment doesn't change.

Araragi: Don't you think your circle of 'friends' is a little too big?

[*五月病, or the May Blues, refers to people feeling down just after the start of the new year in April, when the crazy busyness of entering a new workplace or school has calmed down, but people are still trying to learn the ropes. Most JET people probably experience it in our first month, because frankly, we typically have nothing to do in the summer we arrive! Subsequent summers are much much busier.]

85. The Ball Game*

Kanbaru: Which pretty much means I'm on.

Araragi: But can you play anything other than basketball?

Kanbaru: If it's something we play in High School, then at the basic level, yeah. How
about you, Araragi-sempai? Are you any good at ball sports?

Araragi: Probably average. If we take the Ball Game, then I don't really try that hard.
More like there's meaning just in participating, or something like that. Ah, but this years Ball Game was quite enjoyable.

Kanbaru: Why's that?

Araragi: I was able to cheer on Hanekawa in her gym uniform, in public.

Kanbaru: Araragi-sempai, even for you, that's rather...

[*lit. the Ball (Sports) Tournament, which was called "The (~) Ball Game" at my school in Japan. This is an event that occurs at various times during the year: the start (Welcome Ball Game), the end (Farewell Ball Game) or for a recreation day for the entire year (in which case we'd call it 1st year-Rec etc). Usually, only one type of game is involved, be it volleyball or basketball etc. And it's usually set up tournament style, hence the last part of the name.]

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