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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 22/??

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: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

86. Falling in love*

Araragi: Hachikuji, let's talk about (falling in) love.

Hachikuji: No thanks.

[*Can be translated as "love", but pretty much refers to the early stages of love. Er...the series I first saw the distinction being used in was Gundam SEED Destiny, where Shinn and Luna's relationship was described as "ren'ai", in contrast to Kira and Lacus's, which wasn't.]

87. The Staffroom

Araragi: The staffroom has its own brand of terror, don't you think?

Nadeko: Yeah, it's the same in Junior High.

Araragi: Basically gives off the feeling of the world of adults.

Nadeko: Yeah. Even when I get called, I just don't go.

Araragi: Hm...you're quiet and shy, but definitely not the serious type, are you?

88. The morning assembly

Senjougahara: Hanekawa-san is often presented with awards at the morning
assembly, isn't she?

Araragi: Yeah, she's awarded so often that now, I don't really now what she gets
awarded for.

Senjougahara: We often hear of students fainting whilst listening to the exemplums**
of the teachers, but I wonder just how many have collapsed whilst Hanekawa-san is receiving her awards.

Araragi: I'm curious about that too.

[*lit. anaemia, but probably just fainting]
[** moral anecdotes, aka apologues. If any character were to use complex words like this, it'd be Senjougahara.]

89. Class meeting

Senjougahara: In our class, we don't seem to have had any class meetings, have

Araragi: The things that might become issues are always cleared up ahead of time
by Hanekawa, after all.

Senjougahara: That our revision time just increases automatically in that way...it's
like a mixed blessing.

Araragi: She even makes worksheets for us to use for revision, doesn't she?

Senjougahara: Perhaps we should make her character the topic of a class meeting?

90. Volunteering

Araragi: The two of you often have volunteer activities on weekends and stuff,

Tsukihi: Yup. Rather, volunteering is one of the main activities of the Fire Sisters. We
don't just go around creating a ruckus you know.

Araragi: And just by you doing that, I don't have to worry about unnecessary hardships
on my part either.

Tsukihi: You could even say we're just making our own alibis. If we keep doing good
deeds normally, they'll turn a blind eye even when we create a ruckus.

Araragi: God, how black is your heart?*

[*lit: you're a black-hearted sister]

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