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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 23/25

You know the drill, right?

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

91. Bag check

Araragi: If you can't answer, then you don't have to, But Gahara-san, how do you
bluff your way out of bag checks?

Senjougahara: What do you mean? Isn't it normal for high school students to walk
around with stationery on their person?

Araragi: The problem is the amount you know.

Senjougahara: Nothing to worry about. This isn't a girls' school after all, so they
can't check our skirts.

Araragi: Ah, I see now.

Senjougahara: But then again, I once had a careless moment where my circular
protractor was almost seen. Even I broke out in cold sweat then. If they'd asked me what I use it for, I wouldn't have been able to answer.

Araragi: So...what in the world do you use it for?

92. Studying for Tests

Araragi: Regarding test study, I'm going to ask about what I think you don't do.
Hanekawa, have you ever done any last-minute cramming?

Hanekawa: No.

Araragi: How about pulling an all-nighter?

Hanekawa: Nope.

Araragi: ...why's that?

Hanekawa: But don't you feel sleepy at night?

Araragi: Good point.

93. Corridors

Karin: I've been made to stand in the corridor before.

Araragi: Serious? In this day and age?

Karin: Yup. My homeroom teacher's real strict you know. Being made to stand in the
corridor for forgetting something is getting off easy. I've even been made to stand on the desk. 'felt completely exposed then.

Araragi: But that, wasn't it worse for the people behind? With your height, if you
stand on a desk, then only people who can change the bulbs would be able to see, right?

Karin: Er...nope, Nii-chan, I doubt you could look at it that way.

Araragi: Why?

Karin: I said I was made to stand on the desk, but it was actually a handstand.

Araragi: But that was you taking the initiative yourself, wasn't it? It's not that your
homeroom teach was strict, rather you decided to raise the hurdle yourself, didn't you?

Karin: Ain't I a cool masochist?

Araragi: It's charisma.

[er...I don't actually get this one...]

94. Going on trips

Hachikuji: Once you become a high schooler, you're pretty much an adult, so,
Araragi-san, have you ever been on a trip with your friends?

Araragi: You're asking me about this? How cruel can you be?

Hachikuji: Even if it's "no", it's not too late to start now. You can take your harem sea
bathing - wouldn't that be interesting? Let's all go "It's the sea!!" together!

Araragi: Come to think of it, I've never seen the sea.

Hachikuji: Eh.

Araragi: If someone told me there was no such thing as the sea, I'd believe them.

Hachikuji: No kidding.

Araragi: I did play in the river with my sisters when I was a kid though.

Hachikuji: If there are rivers, there must be a sea though.

Araragi: "It's the river!!"

Hachikuji: There's no end to your excitability!

95. Confessions

Araragi: Ah, come to think of it, Hanekawa, it just came to mind so I'm just curious,
have you ever been confessed to?

Hanekawa: Sure doesn't sound as if you're just curious.

Araragi: Just answer yes or no.

Hanekawa: No.

Araragi: ...I didn't think you'd tell me that.

Hanekawa: If the answer's going to throw you off, please don't ask.

Araragi: I'm sorry.

Don't think I'll be posting anything tomorrow, so Merry Christmas people!

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