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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 24/25

Usual disclaimer applies

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

96. Notice boards

Araragi: When tests are over, the top 30 scorers are usually displayed on the notice
board, right? People like you and Hanekawa are pretty much always among them...is that something you're proud of after all?

Senjougahara: If I said "not even a bit", that'd be a lie. But I can't deny that it feels
like I've been exposed.

Araragi: No kidding. Straight out, it's personal information, huh?

Senjougahara: Having it known that you answered 99 questions correctly isn't the
problem, rather, everyone knows that there was one you missed.

Araragi: Ah, that's what you meant.

Senjougahara: There's no one who'd be motivated from seeing Hanakawa-san's
results, so in my opinion, it'd be far more effective to display the results of the 30 worst scorers.

Araragi: That would be far too harsh.

97. Spending your (pocket) money on sweets*

Hanekawa: Spending your money on buying sweets is against our school rules.

Araragi: I wish they'd overlook this kind of thing.

Hanekawa: If you're after a stricter rule, it's also against the rules to enter a fast
food joint or coffee shop without a non-high schooler.

Araragi: What on earth for? Are they telling us growing high school kids to starve to
death or something?

Hanekawa: They're telling us to bear with it until we get home. The time between
leaving school and reaching your home is a lesson on life in general.

Araragi: H--m...

Hanekawa: Besides, Araragi-kun, it's not like you're growing, right?

Araragi: What did you just say!? NOO! I can't believe Hanekawa-san said something
that horrible so me! I'll never get over this for the rest of my life!

Hanekawa: I was referring to your vampiric condition.

[*If you can help me come up with a better phrase for 買い食い, I'll love you forever!]

98. Stove (heater)

Kanbaru: During winter, stove heaters are set up in our classrooms.

Araragi: In city schools though, if we talk about heaters, then they've all got air-cons.

Kanbaru: Personally though, I prefer stoves.

Araragi: Well, the retro feeling in pretty cool.

Kanbaru: No, not that. I like the feeling of your body being cooked.

Araragi: There's no way I can empathise with that level of masochism!

Kanbaru: Ah! yes! Right now, it's like meat being cooked! Cook me more, more! The
heat is passing through me!

Araragi: Go ahead and get yourself well-done.

99. The gym storage room

Araragi: A place of connection, huh? 

Hanekawa: No comment.

[*因縁 has several meanings, such as (1) motive/pretext (2) hetu and prataya (Buddhism), (3) fate/destiny and (4) connection (to a place). *grins* might return to this after I've read the novels.]


Eh, why just up to 99? Find out next time (^_^;;)
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