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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 25/25

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Also, a revised version of the entire drama CD is available here.

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]


100. Graduation

Araragi: Well, the final topic would be about graduation, wouldn't it. Seemed like a
lot, but ended up being short. You could say it all went by in a flash. And no matter how much we talked, there's always more. 100 stories simply isn't enough. But back to graduation...the final parting with Hanekawa, huh? God that sucks. I've got to find a way to get her to take my second button.

Black Hanekawa: Ah, it's you, the human. As always, you're a hopeless fella, myah.

Araragi: Hanekawa!? No, Black Hanekawa!?

Black Hanekawa: Meow.

Araragi: Huh? Why? Why have you come out? Was I fooling around too much? Had
too many appearances so Hanekawa-san lost her temper?

Black Hanekawa: Nyot quite. You didn't knyow? With the 100 Tales game, once you
finish telling the 100th tale, an abnyormality will appear. It's a ceremony for summoning a myonstrous apparition, you knyow.

Araragi: Ah, so that's what it's for.

Black Hanekawa: Nyow then. You're lucky it's me that came out, nyon? What would
you do if the legendary Kaii-Killer* herself came out?

Araragi: Ah... But even if you say that, you coming out isn't exactly a good thing

Black Hanekawa: Well, consider it a display of friendship, worry nyot about the

Araragi: Huh? You'll definitely go back, right? Give me back my Hanekawa, got that?

Black Hanekawa: Nyow when did my mistress become your property?

Araragi: ...Er...but in any case, Cat, since you've come out, let's finish these 100
Tales with your wise words.

Black Hanekawa: Myai? What wise words?

Araragi: You know the ones. Don't you remember?

Black Hanekawa: Hyumm...so you're making use of my simple mind, explaining
away your intentions in that way, so that you can hear obscene words said with reckless abandon from myai mistress's myouth, aren't you?

Araragi: Stop that. Don't give me a chance to turn my frantic self-restraint into an
opportunity to go through with that. No kidding, have you really forgotten? Can't be helped then, I'll say it again. The words I say next, just repeat them after me.
"Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie?**"

Black Hanekawa: Can mey imyagine an imyanginyary mewnyagerie mewnyager
imyagining mewnyaging an imyaginyary mewnyagerie?**

Araragi: Too damn cute!!


[*Sorry, I'm lazy, and the translations coming to me off the top of my head sound terrible. Also, the 'legendary' part comes from "from the golden age". More succinct. And someone else's translation might be sticking in my head though...]

[**From pem. No beating that translation, methinks.
In case anyone wants to know, the original tongue twister is
(naname nanajyuunana do narabi de nakunaku inanaku nanahan nanadai nannaku narabete naganagame)
...which isn't actually that difficult to say compared to some others. The nya version, on the other hand...

[Final translation notes: "Cat" is too short to have the same ring as Neko (just as stupid hippopotamus is way too much of a mouthful for bakakaba), but well, all the English alternatives (Puss, Kitty etc) just don't work... Finally, I swear that I'm never translating anything with Black Hanekawa again... Oh, and the opening and ending songs are super simple, so ask someone else if you want to know what they're about.

p.s. In case you didn't notice, Araragi is in every one of these 100 stories. And they recorded this directly after recoding the first episode of the anime...which meant that Kamiya Hiroshi was basically standing in the studio for about 7 hours, IIRC. お疲れさまでした、ヒロC!!
p.p.s. the above bit of backstage talk was in the first Atogatari. There might be more on it someday, but don't count on any for the foreseeable future.

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