k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Happy New Year!! and the year ender...

...I've definitely been lazy this year. No "akeome" anywhere, except for the 8 or so cards I sent to Japan. No email for Christmas either...I don't know why, but I just haven't felt like doing much. Maybe because lack of contact from a certain family member is just making me depressed about writing to anyone else.

I know, I really shouldn't let it affect me so much. But it does, you know. Especially when I can't talk about it with the people I communicate with. End result: a year-ender that I probably didn't need to do...

But hey, it was kinda fun, so for the record...

In memory of 2010 part 1: Macross Frontier
In memory of 2010 part 2: Anime Revived the Radio Star
In memory of 2010 part 3: Extras!! Gimme!
In memory of 2010 part 4: The Great (or Not-So-great) Carry Overs
In memory of 2010 part 5: Remembering Love for the Classics
In memory of 2010 part 6: Hyakumonogatari
In memory of 2010 part 7: Anisong and Fanworks
In memory of 2010 part 8: So I have a Voice Fetish
In memory of 2010 part 9: The Best of the Rest
In memory of 2010 part 10: Is there even a Line between Humans and Shiki?
In memory of 2010 part 11: and the anime of the year is...
In memory of 2010 part 12: The Anime/Game/Manga Industry vs. the Tokyo Government

Appendix: the list.
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