k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Bleach Soul Sonic

Clearing out my backlog of things to watch, I've finally revisited Bleach Soul Sonic (having not understood a word the first time I tried, back in 2006 or so).

And man is it HILARIOUS! Especially the Shuffle Talk section, wherein each seiyuu roles a huge dice which will determine which of six topics they'll talk about with regards to themselves (dreaming; Hollow stories; "I'm a master of ___"; "Something I can talk about only now"; close escapes; and first loves).

At least, that's what rolling the dice was meant to do... ROTFLMAO wwwwwwwww

Just go watch it - someone subbed it back in 2009, so you don't have to know Japanese at all. Trust me, well worth a watch (^^;)
Tags: (seiyuu), seiyuu: junjun

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