k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Yuukyan likes April 1st now, does he...?

Not only was he involved in the WORKING!! April Fool's joke, he was up around 5am posting the following on twitter...

5.22AM あ、ハリウッドからメリルストリープの相手役のオファー来たから行くわ
(Ah...I'm off, 'cos I got an offer from Hollywood to act opposite Meryl Streep)

5.17AM さっき事務所から連絡きて、AKB48の選抜メンバーに選ばれたって連絡きました!明日からがんばります!
(Just got a message from my managing comp - I've been selected as a member of AKB48! Starting tomorrow, I'll be doing my best!)


Oh, and following up from the WORKING!! April Fools joke yesterday...the second season has been announced, along with a BD Box set that has me pulling my hair out! (I have all the DVDs already, you see...)

More on this in about a week, when all my assignments are done.
Tags: (translations&summaries), seiyuu: you-kyan, working!!

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