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WORKING!! update

News on 2011/04/02

Hearing on the 2nd that WORKING!!'s second season had been greenlit just about made my week, especially since I was still slaving over my assignments then.

What's weird though, is that they've changed the staff...

New staff-
Director: Ootsuki Atsushi (Motto To Love Ru)
Series Composition: Yoshioka Takao (Sekirei 〜Pure Engagement〜)

And...the last character for Yoshioka-san's name made me blink, it's the "wo" hiragana, which you wouldn't normally use in names...

Old staff-

Direction & Series Composition: Hiraike Yoshimasa

I don't really know what to think. They're not really famous names, so I wonder if I'll actually notice anything different when it airs. As long as they keep the standard up, I'll be happy!

Character design is still be Adachi Shingo though - it would have been very weird if this had changed! Music is also still by monaca, though I'll have to admit that I didn't really pay attention to it anyway... And of course, A1-Pictures, not to mention the seiyuu would be the same too (though give us some of the Neko-gumi in extras, please!).


This one has me rolling my eyes though. I didn't need a Blu-ray version...but I'm going to want the new commentaries, so I'm flitting between happy and annoyed. Well, won't be ordering it until I actually have a job here...though I wonder if I'll be able to hold one down whilst doing this crazy course...

Release Date: 24 August 2011
Price: ¥33,600
Discs: 3 + 2 (extras)

Besides the booklet and a BD for the event (which I already have on DVD as well (>_>)), there are 6 new commentaries.

1st ep (Takanashi, Poplar, Kyouko-san)
☆2nd ep (Poplar, Yamada) <= huh? But Yamada wasn't even here then!
3rd ep (Satou, Yachiyo)
☆4th ep (Souma, Yachiyo) <= hm...interesting combi
5th ep (Satou, Souma)
☆6th ep (Takanashi, Nazuna) <= seriously?! Yay!
7th ep (Takanashi, Yamada)
☆8th ep (Yamada, Otoo-san) <= this should be good ^^
9th ep (Poplar, Inami)
☆10th ep (Satou, Poplar) <= ooh...I can taste the teasing already! 
11th ep (Souma, Yamada) <= my favourite so far
☆12th ep (Inami, Kozue) <= hmmmmmm....
13th ep(Takanashi, Poplar, Inami)

People who pre-order at certain Animate and Gamers branches from April 2-24 will get first dibs on ordering tickets to attend the 2nd "Great Summer Thanksgiving Festival", though they are limited in number. Not that it'd matter for me anyway ^^;
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