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[Translation] Fushimi Tsukasa interviews for OreImo, vol 7 part 1

Just trying to get myself off my a** and back into translation. Even with study and all that, just a little bit every day so that I can get through these eventually...



About OreImo vol. 6


---How is the response from readers regarding volume 6?


Fushimi: Actually, it's been so long that I've forgotten...but it was probably good.

三木一馬(担当編集):(評判は)よかったですね。ただTwitter逆書評が弊害にもなっていていると言いますか……。「作品の感想を書くにあたって、安易にdisると桐乃からのコメントが 怖い」と思われているのか、投げっぱなしの罵詈雑言というのが無くて、皆さん、ちゃんと書いてくれてるんですよ。そうなると必然的にある程度良い評価が増 えてきまして。ありがたいことなのですが、個人的にはそういったことに振り回されない、フラットなご意見が欲しいですね。

Miki (Editor): Reviews were positive. The only thing is that the "Review reaction" Twitter accounts may have become a barrier... Perhaps they were thinking something like "I'm scared of what Kirino will say if I dis it when writing my thoughts", but no one just shot their mouth off vilifying it, they wrote constructively. As a result, positive reactions inevitably increased. It's something to be thankful for, but personally, I'd rather not be taken in by those kinds of opinions. I'd rather people were frank.


---In the 6th volume, the part with Ria (Hugly) left a huge impression.


Fushimi: Thank you. I do think she worked quite well in her function of producing a recollection of Kirino in the past, sparking Kyousuke's memory.


Miki: That's right. Because of Ria, the relationship between Kirino and Kyousuke could be seen from various angles. If we have her appear again, it'll be a story from a formal/official(?) point of view, and I think her true worth will become apparent.


Fushimi: Take Ayase, Sena or Ria - new characters always have some sort of role to play. When that's completed, the next time they appear is, to me, a chance to bring out their own appeal.


----Saori's real self has been revealed: is it possible that Kyousuke will have a Saori route in the game?

伏見 :秘密です(笑)

Fushimi: That's a secret (laugh)


Miki: Fushimi-san, you've said before that Saori is your favourite "Ore no Imouto" character, right?

伏見 :そうですね。お気に入りではありますけれど、自分の好き嫌いでひいきはしません。一番出番の多い桐乃は、いまだに大嫌いです。

Fushimi: Right, I did. She's my favourite, but I don't favour characters by who I like and don't like. After all, the character with the most appearances, Kirino, is still someone I really hate.

———まだ!?(笑) あれだけデレるようになったのに、まだやっぱりムカつく女なんですね。

-----Still!? (laugh) Even though she's become a bit more "dere", she really is someone who pisses you off, huh?

伏見 :腹立つくそがきだと思っています。私が桐乃のことを好きになるときは、『俺の妹』が終わる時かもしれない です。

Fushimi: I think she's an annoying spoiled brat. The time I come to like Kirino may be the time that "Ore no Imouto" ends.


Everyone: Right--!!


----Kirino has really become more "dere" compared to the initial stage: did you anticipate the change in the siblings' relationship from the start?

伏見 :初期段階ではまったくしていませんでした。1巻で終わると思っていましたし。2巻を書いていたときは2巻で終わると思っていました。3巻を書いているときは4巻で終わると思っていました。私の中ではっきり変わったのは、4巻ラストの展開について激しく話し合ったときで、「やべぇ! この話はまだまだ続くぞ、どうしよう」と。ストーリーをある程度先まで考えて決めたのも、そのときです。

Fushimi: At the start, I really hadn't thought of it. I thought I'd end with just one volume. When writing the second,I thought that that would be the end. When writing 3, I thought it'd end at volume 4. The time everything changed was at the intense meeting after the end of 4, I realised "Yikes! This story is still continuing! What should I do?" That was when I started thinking a little about what would happen in the future.


Miki: Isn't that something to be thankful for? (laugh)


Fushimi: Each time, I try to write as if this will be the last book I write. Of course, if it finishes with "to be continued", I'll write the next volume even at the cost of my own life.
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