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Reference: Macross Chronology version 1

By Kawamori Shouji
from _Macross Perfect Memory_, pg. 54 - 55
Copyright 1983 by Minori Library, Big West and MBS
Published Aug. 10, 1984 by Minori Library
This Translation 1990 by Michael House (with minor edits)

20,000,000,000 B.C.:
The Big Bang (Birth of the universe).

500,00 B.C.:
Beginning of Protoculture (0 P.C.).

2400 P.C.:
First Protoculturian Settlement of Space begins, using sublight vessels.

2700 P.C.:
Second Protoculturian Settlement of Space begins, using Fold navigation.

2800 P.C.:
Stellar Republic established.

2900 P.C.:
A Protoculturian exploration vessel stops temporarily on Terra, in Sol System.

3000 P.C.:
Stellar Republic Collapses. Zentraedi begin to struggle with Patrollers.

25,000 P.C.:
Destruction of Protoculture.

380,000 B.C.:
Reflex Weapon Production Plant destroyed.


August, 1945:
Nuclear weapons used in actual combat.

July, 1969:
Neil Armstrong, in Apollo 11, is first man to walk on Moon.

April, 1981:
Maiden flight of Space Shuttle (Columbia).

June, 1995:
Space Station New Frontier completed in satellite orbit.

Jan., 1998:
Experimental nuclear fusion reactor overcomes critical temperature point.

July, 1999:
A colossal meteorite impacts with Earth, coming to rest on South Atalia Island. Investigation reveals that it is an alien spacecraft. It is codenamed A.S.S.-1 (Alien StarShip-1). Public announcements are that an asteroid 3 km in diameter, composed of great quantities of metal, impacted with the earth. As a result of the damage which the combined shock of the existence of aliens and the crash-landing of A.S.S.-1 has done to the U.S., U.S.S.R., and the major European nations, the matter is treated as top secret until the chaos and confusion are brought under control. What begins as an emergency meeting between the heads of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. becomes an assembly of all nations.

Aug., 1999:
U.N. Investigating Teams organized. Precise, accurate, minute investigation of A.S.S.-1 begins. South Atalia Island designated U.N. sphere of jurisdiction.

Dec., 1999:
According to first report of the study of A.S.S.-1, it is discovered that the alien spacecraft is a warship, and its crew are fully five times the size of human beings. In preparation for alien warfare, a project is begun to unite the earth into one nation.

March, 2000:
Alltech Corporation, a research organization analyzing the alien technology, established through joint Japanese-U.S.-U.S.S.R.-West German-English-French collaboration.

April, 2000:
Development of weapons systems for use in combat against the giants begins.

June, 2000:
Aliens' existence formally annonunced (excepting the fact of their size, which is kept top secret). Following this, framing plan for United Earth Government officially proclaimed.

July, 2000:
Outbreak of dispute in People's Republic of Garalia, in the Middle East. The disputes and rebellions/civil wars frequently occurring hereafter in various parts of the world came to be known generally as the War of Unification.

Oct., 2000:
Construction of the gigantic, permanent, Apollo Lunar Base begins in the Sea of Tranquility.

Jan., 2001:
United Earth Government inaugurated. Founding Prime Minister, Harlan J. Niven. United Earth Forces established.

Feb., 2001:
Repair and remodeling of A.S.S.-1 for use as main battleship of United Earth Forces begins, with Alltech Corporation as heart of project. A.S.S.-1 renamed S.D.F.-1 (Super Dimension Fortress-1). Estimated date of launch: May, 2006.

Mar., 2001:
Successful development of new materials by Alltech.

May, 2001:
Construction of giant space manufacturing station begins at L-5, in Lunar orbit.

July, 2001:
Construction of permanent base on Mars begins. Civilians begin to immigrate to South Atalia Island, to work on repair of A.S.S.-1.

Aug., 2001:
Theory of S.D.F.-1's thermonuclear reaction system explained.

Sept., 2001:
The "Destroid System," ground-combat anti-giant weaponry, begins trial production.

Nov., 2001:
Theory of firing system for S.D.F.-1's main cannon explained.

Feb., 2002:
Tentative plan introduced for variable all-purpose combat system for use against the giants.

Mar., 2002:
Grand Cannon Theory finished.

May, 2002:
Building of United Earth Military Anti-Stellar-Warfare Headquarters begins, in Alaska. On the same site, Grand Cannon No. 1 is constructed.

July, 2002:
First Battle for South Atalia fought, against the Anti-Unification Army.

Nov., 2002:
Critical temperature exceeded on Earth-made thermonuclear reaction plant, at Alltech Corporation.

Apr., 2003:
Construction of Armored Series of space carriers begins, as well as space destroyers, at the L-5 manufacturing station.

Nov., 2003:
In a factory beneath Apollo Lunar Base, using feedback from repair work on A.S.S.-1, construction begins on S.D.F.-2, a stellar space battleship purely of Earth origin.

Jan., 2004:
Thermonuclear reaction bomb finished, by Alltech.

Feb., 2004:
Thermonuclear reaction bomb successfully tested on Lunar surface.

Mar., 2004:
Construction on Grand Cannon No. 2 begins in the Australian Autonomous Region.

June, 2004:
The Plundering Fleet (Translator's note: This is a story, written by Matsuzaki Kenichi, which tells of one of the exploits of Bruno J. Growbal and Admiral Hayase during the War of Unification. It appears on pgs. 56 - 59 of _Macross Perfect Memory_. -MH)

Sept., 2004:
Super miniaturized thermonuclear reaction plant finished by Alltech.

Oct., 2004:
Construction on Grand Cannon No. 3 begins in Africa, in the Victoria Autonomous Region.

Nov., 2004:
Deterioration in world economy due to drastic delays on, and increases in defense expenses for, the S.D.F.-1 Restoration Project.

Dec., 2004:
First use of reaction explosion, during Grand Cannon construction work.

Jan., 2005:
Rioting breaks out in the Kilghiz Kazakh, Russia, Autonomous Region.
The Second Battle for South Atalia is fought.

Mar., 2005:
The Orvelt Class of Type-1 Space Destroyers is commissioned.

Apr., 2005:
Harlan J. Niven, Founding Prime Minister of the United Earth Government, is assassinated. His successor is Robert A. Rhysling.

July, 2005:
Frequent occurrences of guerilla warfare all over America.

Aug., 2005:
Withdrawal from Mars Base.

Sept., 2005:
To inaugurate the Anti-Unification Army, a Type-3 Space Destroyer is hijacked, and in that raid, the return fleet from Mars is destroyed. An assault with reaction weaponry against the Anti-Unification Army's Space Destroyer destroys it.

Nov., 2005:
In a retaliatory attack, the United Forces' Grand Cannon No. 2 is destroyed during construction in Australia.

Dec., 2005:
The Supersize Semi-Submersible Aircraft Carrier Prometheus, CVS-101 (later designated simply as "assault carrier"), is commissioned, for OTM use. (translator's note: no, I don't know what "OTM" means, either, before anyone asks. I found no clues in the source material. If you know, tell me.-MH)

Mar., 2006:
Construction on Grand Cannon No. 4 begins, in the Lunar North Polar Region.

Apr., 2006:
The Supersize Assault Debarkation Warship Daedalus, SLV-111, is commissioned.

May., 2006:
Outbreak of the Third Battle for South Atalia.

June, 2006:
Decision made to formally introduce the MBR-04 series of Destroids. Mass production begins.

Oct., 2006:
In the Central Russia Administrative Region, the Anti-Unification Army uses tactical nuclear weapons. Leningrad's annihilation is an announcement that using thermonuclear reaction weaponry on the earth's surface in a retaliatory strike is possible.

Nov., 2006:
Battle for South Atalia ends.

Jan., 2007:
War of Unification concluded.

Training Center for crew of S.D.F.-1 established on South Atalia Island.

Feb., 2007:
The VF-X1, prototype of the variable-combat machines, begins flight testing.

Mar., 2007:
Stationing of Destroids aboard the SLV-111 Daedalus begins.

May., 2007:
Construction on Grand Cannon No. 5 begins, in the Brazilian Autonomous Region, in South America.

June, 2007:
Testing of the VF-X1's usefulness in space begins.

Nov., 2007:
Decision made to formally introduce the VF-X1. Mass production of the VF-1 series begins.

July, 2008:
Space Carrier Armored-1 commissioned.

Aug., 2008:
VF-1 series begins deployment for actual combat. (However, usage is limited to aircraft configuration only.)

Oct., 2008:
Armored-2 commissioned.

Jan., 2009:
S.D.F.-1 is christened "Macross."

Feb., 2009:
Launching ceremonies for S.D.F.-1 Macross.
A Zentraedi fleet, commanded by Britai, arrives in Sol System.
Outbreak of First Space War between Earth and the Zentraedi.
Macross makes serious mistake in Fold navigation.

Mar., 2009:
Armored-3 commissioned.
City completed within Macross.
Macross, Transformation.

May, 2009:
Armored-4 and Armored-5 commissioned.

Aug., 2009:
Armored-6 commissioned.

Oct., 2009:
Macross engages in Battle of Mars Base.
Armored-7 commissioned.
Macross shipboard TV station begins broadcasting.

Nov., 2009:
Hayase Misa, Ichijoo Hikaru, Maximillian Genius, and Kakizaki Hayao become prisoners of the Zentraedi, and the first contact between Earthpeople and Zentraedi takes place.
Lynn Minmei debuts.
Macross returns to Earth.

Dec., 2009:
Ontario Autonomous Region in North America annihilated when Macross' omnidirectional barrier overloads. Macross, under orders to sortie away from Earth, once again leaves Earth's atmosphere.

Jan., 2010:
Armored-8 commissioned.
The film "Shao Bai Long" (Little White Dragon) premieres.
Zentraedi begin seeking refuge aboard Macross.
Grand Cannon No. 1 completed in Alaska.
The stellar wedding of the Earthman Maxmillian Genius and the Zentraedi Miria Farina is broadcast.

Feb., 2010:
A peace agreement is reached between Macross and Britai's Adoclass fleet.
The Bodol main fleet arrives in Sol System. Earth is destroyed. Bodol fleet annihilated through Operation "Lin Minmei." Surface battle begins.

Mar., 2010:
First Stellar War ends. Atmospheric purification operation executed.

Apr., 2010:
New United Government established. Education and transforming of Zentraedi into Microns begins.

May, 2010:
Reconstruction of Macross City completed. Restoration of nature project begins.

June., 2010:
Construction begins anew on S.D.F.-2, now christened "Megaroad," at Apollo Lunar Base. At the same time, patrols of Sol System begin, using Super Valkyries based at Apollo Base.

Nov., 2010:
New class of variable combat machines, as remodeled Valkyries, begin developmental test flights.

Dec., 2010:
Repairs to Britai's ship are completed, and it is recommissioned as the main ship of the New United Forces.
Percentage of Zentraedi converted to Microns exceeds 50%.

Mar., 2011:
First stellar mixed-breed birth, to Max and Miria.

Aug., 2011:
Rioting by giants the world over begins occurring. Patrols begin for sake of maintaining public law and order.

Sept., 2011:
Study of plan for project for emigration of mankind begins.

Oct., 2011:
Armed resistance by Zentraedi breaks out.
Operation to seize Factory Satellite begins.

(translator's note: further information on the time period between Feb., 2010 and Oct., 2011, can be found in the article "The Two-Year Interval," by Kawamori Shouji, on pgs. 60 - 68 of _Macross Perfect Memory_.-MH)

Nov., 2011:
Factory Satellite arrives at Earth.
Kamujin's group goes into action. The Lynn Minmei hostage operation.

Jan., 2012:
Battle for Macross City.
Project for emigration of mankind made public.
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